Four Girls Fatally Stab 15-Year-Old During Fight Livestreamed On Social Media (Video)

four girls fatally stab 15-year-old during fight livestreamed on social media (video)

Four teenage girls, aged 12 to 14, got arrested for stabbing a 15-year-old to death in a fight they streamed live on social media.

The horrific incident happened at a Walmart store in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

According to the police report, the altercation may have started at a movie theatre before the group headed to the Walmart.

The four girls allegedly stole a knife at the store before brutally stabbing the older teen multiple times.


Footage of the stabbing, which streamed live on Facebook and Instagram, showed one girl armed with the knife. Shen then approached the victim and attacked her.

Afterward, the video showed the four girls fleeing the store in a getaway car as one of them screamed:

"Just stabbed somebody at Walmart."

"We just stabbed that b***h in her heart. We don't give a f**k."

The girls also shared a separate video that showed them bragging about the killing on social media after fleeing the store.


One of the girls said in the video:

"I don't give f**k. If she killed her, she killed her. Oh, f***ing well. She dead now."

In a bid to track down the girls, police released a surveillance image of the attacker. Police eventually arrested and charged the girl, 13, with second-degree murder.

Police also arrested the three other girls, aged 12, 13, and 14, on charges of being principals to second-degree murder.


Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Tony Mancuso confirmed that investigators have videos of the fatal stabbing that the girls posted on Facebook and Instagram live.

At a press conference, Mancuso said:

"Our whole case unfolded before us through live Facebook and Instagram... We also have videos of everything that took place, and it's very disturbing."

"The whole murder was played out on (social media) so, again, there appeared to be no remorse."


"It was very cold to see 12, 13, 14 and 15-year-olds acting this way, and we as a society can't tolerate it. We cannot let this plague take over our community."

The sheriff then issued a plea for parents to 'take control' of their kids.

Mancuso said:

"This is the third homicide in six months that we've had that involved juveniles that range from 11 to 16 years old. They come from all backgrounds and all races."


"This is just a problem that we are having with kids having access to weapons."

"This is not something we can police ourselves out… I just don't feel like this is a police matter. This is a parenting issue."

Authorities haven't publicly named the victim or the accused killers. They also haven't revealed the motive for the attack.