Four Bold Ways To Get Your Ex Back

Four Bold Ways To Get Your Ex Back

Nobody wants to break up. The pain can be excruciating. Worst of all, you could be making the mistake of a lifetime by letting go.

It might be fun to be 'the one that got away.' But nobody wants to have their special someone out there and beyond reach.

Unfortunately, mistakes happen. You broke up, but now realize it was a mistake and you want your ex back.

You have even made a few tries.

You Have Called, Emailed, And Texted, But You Are Not Getting Anywhere

You are ready to do anything to get them back.

So, what next?

1. Don't Propose

Seriously, don't.

It's insane to try something as drastic as getting on your knee and proposing. A proposal should be the fruit of a good relationship, not the band-aid that holds it together when it's broken.

Proposing will seem insincere when done under these circumstances. You want your proposal to suggest that you want to spend a lifetime with your partner. It should not be a temporary fix to serious relationship problems.

2. Hear Her Out

Communication is the reason many relationships are on their deathbeds. Listening is the easiest thing to do, although most people have not mastered it.

But we are not talking about listening for the sake of it. Hear what your ex is saying and understand their viewpoint.

In fact, go a step further and care about their concerns by making an ideological compromise if possible. But hear her out completely before you talk.

Listening is not about agreeing with everything you are hearing. It's about showing you care about her feelings and opinions.

3. See Other People

Yes, it looks manipulative, but it's not. Even though it makes your ex jealous. Seeing other people can give you fresh perspectives and help you know if your ex is worth fighting for.

Many people realize that their partners are the best they could hope for after starting to see someone else. Similarly, seeing someone else might clarify that you are better off without your ex.

4. Let Your Friends And Family Help

Talk to people who know your ex and get their honest opinions about the relationship you had. They might have kept some opinions about your relationship to themselves when you were together.

But once you break up, they can be more honest and give you the information you need to make an informed decision as you fight for your ex.

Also, and only if this is not beneath you: you can even befriend people close to your ex so you can learn more about her and have them tell her about you. It's sneaky, but it can work.

Breakups are hard, but walking around like a zombie because of your sad broken heart will not help at all. Do something! With the points above, you can make some serious headway in your attempt to win back your ex.