Foster Dad Of "House Of Horrors" Turpin Sisters Arrested For Molesting Them "50 TIMES," Unsealed Court Docs Allege

Foster Dad Of 'house Of Horrors' Turpin Sisters Arrested For Molesting Them "50 Times," Unsealed Court Docs Allege

63-year-old Marcelino Olguin molested 5 of the 13 Turpin children under his care at least 50 times. The kids had just been rescued from their parent's house, which the media described as a "house of horrors."

Olguin was arrested and accused of committing seven counts of "lewd and lascivious act on a child." He was also charged with torturing the kids.

His 58-year-old wife Rosa and his 37-year-old daughter, Lennys, were charged with aiding and abetting Olguin as he committed the crimes. The two women face child abuse, fraud, and witness intimidation charges.

In December 2021, they all pleaded not guilty during their appearance at the Riverside County Superior Court.

Olguin repeatedly abused the children after they were brought to his home for foster care. Among the things the man did was instruct them not to wear undershirts.

He also told them they were sexy, said how beautiful their skin was, and then, using force, kissed and pulled one of them on top of him.

These details were taken from the arrest affidavit, which Thomas Salisbury wrote.

The entire family also faced accusations of making the Turnip children take part in a "confession circle talk" to reveal past sibling abuses they were made to do by their abusive biological parents.

While in Olguin's home, one of the young victims was abused and kept apart from his siblings. He was also "demeaned," and his media devices were destroyed.

Additionally, a girl of 5, one of the youngest, was made to take a sleeping pill before being made to stand against a wall where she was sprayed with water while a bell was being rung in her ear.

The defendants allegedly told the child that they were not letting her sleep because she was not letting them sleep. Eventually, the girl collapsed on the floor.

The trio had pleaded not guilty to the charges being made against them.

The Children Suffered Years Of Abuse At The Hands Of Their Parents

The authorities had arrived at David and Louise Turpin's home in Perris, California, in 2018, when a 17-year-old girl informed them that she had stolen a phone from home before calling for help. She said she had escaped because the conditions there were horrible.

The house, which the officers described as "foul-smelling," had 12 other people inside. They were tied to dirty beds using chains.

The victims were all children of 57-year-old David Allen Turpin and 49-year-old Louise Anna Turpin.

Officers were shocked when they found out that 7 of the 12 children were adults between 18 and 29. They were all dirty and malnourished, claiming that they were starving.

They were immediately given food and water and then taken to a local hospital for medical checkups as they seemed like they needed medical assistance. The plan was to have the California Child Protective Services and Adult Protective Services take care of them after their release from the hospital.

According to neighbors, the Turnip children were withdrawn and mostly spent time indoors. Nevertheless, they noticed that the children did not look healthy during the few times they were seen outside.

The neighbors also said that the family had a messy and neglected yard. One of the neighbors, Andria Valdez, joked that the Turnips reminded her of the Cullen vampire family from the Twilight series because they were very pale and only came outside at night.

A different neighbor, Robert Perkins, remembered complimenting the family when he saw some of them creating the Nativity scene in their front yard some years ago. However, they never said anything to him.

In 2019, David and Louse Turpin were given a sentence of between 25 years and life in prison. Their children, aged 2 and 29, were rescued.

Unfortunately, getting them the help they needed was no easy task.

Initially, there were complaints that they had been taken to crime-infested neighborhoods. There were also claims that they never got access to thousands of dollars they had been given as donations.

When 2 of the 13 kids spoke to the media in 2018, they said their lives were still not what they had hoped for when they were eventually rescued from their "house of horror" home.

21-year-old Jordan Turpin said that she did not have a way to get food at the time, while her 33-year-old sister Jennifer said she did not live in a very good neighborhood.

The district attorney had pointed out that the children had been taken to "crime-ridden neighborhoods" where they were "living in squalor." He also raised concern that although there was money for their education, they had no access to it.

According to media reports, social services are looking into the welfare of children.