Fortnite: How To Find (& Knock Down) Timber Pines

In Fortnite, Timber Pines is a new type of tree, part of a snowy landscape in Chapter 3 of the game. These trees offer a more realistic experience to the players as they cut them down for timber.

Otherwise, there is no avoiding them as players now have to locate and knock them down to complete a quest and get an XP reward.

The trick to finding the trees and knocking them down lies in understanding where to find them and some of their attributes.

Camp Cuddle has plenty of Timber Pines around it as well.

Typically, the trees can be found in the northwest part of the map, specifically in areas affected by winter. So, if you can find Logjam Lumberyard, then you are very close to this region.

Fortnite: How To Find (& Knock Down) Timber Pines

These trees don't look like other timber trees in the game. They are generally much taller, and their lowest branches are much higher off the ground.

Timber Pines also has a lighter tint on the wood, and their leaves have a distinctive turquoise look. Other lumber trees usually have a dark green color.

These new trees will also leave behind a stump after dropping a log on the ground when cut down. You have to watch out not to cut down trees close to a moving water source or a slope as they may float away or roll off on their own.

Finally, you should use a Pickaxe or another Harvesting Tool to knock down Timber Pines. The good thing about them is that they can be harvested much faster as they have less HP.