Former U.S. Air Force Officer Says Adult Film Industry Is The 'Only Career That Empowers Women'


An ex-U.S. Air Force member who is now an adult film star has claimed that her current profession is the only one that genuinely empowers women. Alexis Fawx is delighted with her decision to switch careers and has shared only positive feedback about how it has impacted her life. In an interview, she elaborated on why she is so passionate about the industry.

1. The Adult Film Industry Gives Her Time And Space To Have A Better Life

According to Alexis Fawx, her career in the adult film industry doesn't demand long hours or cause stress like many other jobs. She utilizes her extra time to focus on self-care, particularly spending time in nature and her meditation room. She aims to find a balance between work and life.

2. Having Control Over Her Day-To-Day Schedule Is Extremely Empowering For Alexis

Unlike many people who eagerly await their yearly vacation to take a break from work, Alexis Fawx doesn't feel the need to do so. She has created a lifestyle that she doesn't require a vacation from, and this is one of her favorite things about her career in the adult film industry. She says that having control over her own time is essential and that she has set up her life in a way that allows her to enjoy it to the fullest.

3. It Helps That She Also Makes A Whole Lot Of Money Doing It

Alexis has become proficient at leveraging social media to generate income even when she's not actively working.

"While I'm sleeping, people are buying my media on OnlyFans, or my coffee or NFTs," she shared. "Social media has helped me set up these businesses so I'm continuously successful."

4. Getting Involved In The Industry Was A Natural Step

Before transitioning to the adult film industry, Alexis Fawx used to work a regular 40-hour job in Miami. However, she decided to step out of her comfort zone and responded to a Craigslist ad looking for extras in an adult movie.

Having been an avid consumer of such content, she did not consider it a significant departure from her interests. Her talent as an extra quickly led her to become a star in the industry.

"I really take everything in strides and say yes to opportunities. I guess it's part of the risk of growing, evolving and really developing your character," she said.

5. Alexis Fawx Believes It's The "Only Career Out There Which Empowers Women"

Although the adult film industry has been criticized for its allegations of abuse and lack of regulation, Alexis believes that such issues are not exclusive to this field, as they exist in all career fields. Nonetheless, she acknowledges that this line of work is not suitable for everyone.

"Maybe because I'd been in the air force, I already had a thicker skin, but it's an adult business and I think it's important to evaluate where you are in your life, especially if you're very young," she pointed out.

"What you do on the internet, stays on the internet. Even if it gets taken down. Unless you're 100 percent a yes, consider it a no, because that one percent may trigger you one day and you may have a mental breakdown, so why even play with it?"