Former Playboy Bunny Reveals Insane Rules For Living In Mansion Set By Hugh Hefner


Jenna Bentley, a former Playboy Bunny originally from Montana, has disclosed the stringent regulations imposed by Hugh Hefner on women residing in the notorious mansion.

Despite enjoying her years living in the Bunny House adjacent to the mansion, Bentley has acknowledged that complying with the demanding standards was occasionally challenging.

1. Background Checks Are The Bare Minimum

Prior to being considered as potential residents of the Playboy mansion, Bunnies undergo a thorough background check to ensure that they do not have any serious criminal history. This requirement seems quite reasonable, doesn't it?


2. There Is A Curfew In Place

Here's where it gets challenging: Bunnies are instructed to return to the mansion before 9 p.m. Although some may find this requirement difficult to comply with, Bentley personally didn't have much of an issue with it.

3. If You Missed Curfew, You Had To Face The Consequences

Bentley disclosed that failing to return to the mansion by 9 p.m. resulted in a strict consequence: the women were required to spend the night sleeping on the lawn and were prohibited from re-entering until the next day, without any exceptions. Let's hope the weather is favorable!


4. Meeting Men Was Out Of The Question

Another regulation that was stringently enforced involved the interaction of women with men. None of the Bunnies were permitted to have boyfriends, and if it was discovered that one of them had met a man, she was immediately expelled from the mansion without any inquiries.

5. However, The House Did Have Some Upsides

Bentley reminisced that residing there felt akin to living in Barbie's Dream House as everything they desired was easily accessible. They had a phone referred to as "Dial-A-Dream," where pressing 0 enabled them to request anything, which would be promptly delivered to them round-the-clock, every day of the year.


6. Bentley Never Slept With Hefner

Nevertheless, Bentley did come across Hefner with three different women on one occasion. As per Bentley, he had three distinct rooms designated for his official girlfriends and wives, while the rest of the women had to reside in the Bunny house. However, despite this, Bentley appeared to have enjoyed her time there.