Former Pageant Queen Arrested For Sending Naked Snapchat Pics To Middle School Boy

former pageant queen arrested for sending naked snapchat pics to middle school boy

Former Miss Kentucky Ramsey Bearse, 29, will spend the next two years in jail after sending obscene photos to a student at Andrew Jackson Middle School in Kanawha County, West Virginia, where she was teaching at the time.

Ramsey was first arrested in 2018 and charged with "distributing obscene materials to a minor."

She was suspended immediately and released on a $US10,000 property bond. The trial continued over a year later.

Miss Kentucky from 2014 sent four topless pictures to the unnamed victim via Snapchat between August and October of 2018. His mother revealed that it's unclear how the two formed a connection since the teen wasn't in the predator's class.

The mom added that her son would need long-term counseling after the sexual abuse he went through.

A pageant veteran's poor defense

One year following her December 2018 arrest, Ramsey pleaded guilty to a felony count of possession of material depicting minors in sexually explicit conduct. She stated that she meant to send the snaps to her husband:

"The young man's name was listed next to my husband's on my phone."

"From there, he asked me for more, and I panicked. I was afraid not to appease him."

No one knows how the teen's number ended up among her contacts, though.

"When he asked for more, I sent him more photos of me, which lead to him sending a photo of his privates."

She tried to make the best out of the creepy situation, continuing:

"But, I did receive them, and I did compliment him in a way which made it look like I did want them because again, I was afraid to not appease him."

She concluded:

"Since I am an adult, and he was just a teenager, it is my fault, and I accept full blame for the situation,"

"So that's how I'm guilty of this crime. I messed up big-time."

Former Miss Kentucky will be on the sex offender registry for life and parole for ten years, after two years in jail.

As judge Bloom stated:

"You were in a position of trust, you violated the trust of this student, and that is not acceptable."

We couldn't agree more.