Forgive Yourself For Every Time You Forgot Your Worth

Forgive Yourself For Every Time You Forgot Your Worth

Some people are lucky enough never to find themselves in a relationship where they feel as though they have lost their identity and their sense of self-worth. Those who do have experience of this type of relationship will know just how difficult it can be to move on and how huge an impact they can have on your life.

When you are in the wrong relationship, it can have a huge impact on your confidence levels, your energy levels, your sense of belonging, and your self-esteem. Many have been in relationships where their sense of worth has been stripped away, and often they have a hard time forgiving themselves for making bad choices. If you do not forgive yourself for these choices, even if they are in the past, it can make it far more difficult to move on with your life.

Some of the Things You Should Forgive Yourself For

There are many different types of mistakes, bad choices, and poor judgment errors that you may have made in your past relationships – and maybe even in your current one. However, it is important to have the strength to both move on and to forgive yourself rather than beating yourself up about it daily. Some of the things you should forgive yourself for include:

Spending Time Trying to Fix Someone

You may have wasted a lot of time trying to change someone or 'fix' them in the past. Even though they refused to be helped, you continued putting your time and effort into trying to help them. You should never feel bad about this, even if that person then turned out not to be worth your time and effort. This simply shows that you are a caring person, so it is definitely something you should forgive yourself for.

Putting Up with Unrequited Love

Showering someone with all your love and getting no love back in return can be a devastating experience, but one that all too many people go through. You may have spent years loving someone who you knew simply did not feel the same way, but this is not something you should dwell on. This person was obviously not the right one for you, and there is someone out there – just not the person you thought. When you meet the right one, you will know what real love is about, so forgive yourself and move forward.

Letting Yourself Be Controlled

If you were with someone with a narcissistic personality, you might have spent a lot of time being controlled and belittled. Your confidence may be at an all-time low because of this, but you must forgive yourself for putting up with it. However, if you are still in that relationship, you must also consider what your next move will be, because it is no way to spend the rest of your life.

Fighting for Someone Who Disrespected You

Many people spend years supporting, defending, and fighting for someone they love. Sometimes, all they get back from that person is disrespect, which can make you feel really bad about yourself. However, the problem is theirs and not yours, so forgive yourself and spend more time worrying about yourself than someone that shows you no respect.

Moving Forward with Your Life

If you want to move forward with your life after going through relationship issues such as these, self-forgiveness is an important part. Once you have learned to deal with what has happened, you will find it much easier to get on with your life.