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Forget Flowers, Bouquets Of Pickles Are All You Need!

Forget Flowers, Bouquets Of Pickles Are All You Need!

Who needs dead roses or tulips, when you can get an eatable bouquet of gorgeous pickles and other treats?

Though considered to be a romantic gesture, giving flowers is so 2019. Instead, we demand bouquets of pickles, or candy, something we can actually use.

Food-based arrangements aren't new, but they are growing in popularity. Flowers are wasteful, but there's something delightful when a guy gives you a bouquet of your favorite foods.

Grillo's Pickles in Boston claims to have the world's best pickles, but they were big enough to give us a DIY tutorial for this special gift. And if you're not that crafty, it's good to know that they deliver nationwide.

While the pickle bouquet sounds intriguing, you can customize it to show how much you know your beloved one.

Another great thing about this whole pickle thing is that it allows both males and females to show affection, without risking to look corny or old-fashioned.

Here's our suggestion for making the perfect little present. Yes, we love pickles because they are green, which is the color of nature. Add some reds, like cherry tomatoes, and yellows. You don't have to use anything other than cheese.

All ingredients are healthy, delicious, and freshly made. You can't say the same about that bouquet of flowers you thought it was the perfect Valentine's birthday or anniversary surprise.

Be a leader, join the pickle bouquet revolution!