Forget Coffins Or Boxes: This Company Swirls You Into Unique Glass Art Creations When You Die


Grief, unfortunately, is an inevitable part of life. We all have to go through it, and "getting over it" is not possible either. The best you can do is acknowledge the significance the loved one you have lost had on your life and mourn them in the most meaningful manner.

Some bury their dead, others have them cremated so that they can put them in urns. But now, there is another option, you can have your loved one's ashes turned into a beautiful swirl in a way that reflects who they were while alive.


If this sounds too unorthodox, then you should see what some families had to say about the idea. A recently widowed woman congratulated the Artful Ashes company for doing such a great job of immortalizing her husband's spirit for her and her children.

This unique company has been around since 2012, and Greg and Christina Dale, the pair that owns the company, have been using their glass blowing skills to help grieving families honor those they have lost in a truly beautiful way.


The inspiration came after a dark time in Greg's life when his grandparents passed on. He thought he should try to make something beautiful from the grief.


Losing a loved one is never easy. The process is painful, and even after accepting that the worst has happened, you are still left with a deep wound that might heal, but the scar will always be there.

The Artful Ashes team's promise is to capture the essence of a loved one in a swirl of color and ashes sealed in beautiful glass art. This swirl is meant to help you hold your loved one in your hand, and reminisce upon the beautiful memories you shared.


Given the gravity of the sentiments that this process takes, the company treats each order with utmost respect and care. The company is based in Seattle, but for those living out of this US state, a package is mailed for the client to securely send a tablespoon of a loved one's ashes, from which a touching and beautiful memorial will be created.

In addition to beautiful artwork, each swirl has a personally inscribed message for those left behind. Artful Ashes is so serious about its work that it has even labeled the bubbles that sometimes form during the process "spirit bubbles."

The company has three types of ornaments. They have hearts, orbs, and Angel Wings, each of which contains a tablespoon of ashes that appear like a white swirl.