Forensic Pathologist Explains Why Brian Laundrie's Body Skeletonized So Quickly

Forensic Pathologist Explains Why Brian Laundrie's Body Skeletonized So Quickly

When Brian Laundrie's body was found, it had already skeletonized. Most people are at a loss to understand why this would be the case since this process typically takes longer than Brian has been dead.

A Forensic Pathologist Has Offered An Explanation

Forensic Pathologist Explains Why Brian Laundrie's Body Skeletonized So Quickly

A lot of people found it suspicious that Brian Laundrie's body would skeletonize so fast. His remains were discovered at Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park last week.

Gabby Petito had taken off on a "dream" road trip with Brian Laundrie, her fiance. She planned to document the adventure on social media.

The Pair Planned To Explore West Coast National Parks

The authorities revealed that the couple was taking an adventure together. During that time, she was in touch with her family.

However, after a while, she stopped communicating with them entirely. Authorities revealed this information as they revealed that Gabby was officially a missing person.

Things Got From Bad To Worse

Nobody knew what was going on until the authorities found her body at the Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, in mid-September.

Although the authorities had not yet confirmed if the remains were Gabby's, they agreed that they were consistent with her physical description.

Her family was also made aware of the discovery but forensic testing was still necessary to confirm if the remains belonged to Gabby.

A Few Days Later, The Remains Were Confirmed To Be Gabby's

Eventually, the Teton County coroner claimed that the remains the authorities had found were Gabby's. It was also confirmed that she had been murdered.

Brian's Family Was Questioned

At the time the family was being questioned, Brian had been declared missing. He was last been seen after he got back from the road trip he had taken with Gabby in early September.

Signs Of Trouble Started Long Before The Devastating News

Gabby's mother, Nicole Schmidt, believed that she was getting "fake texts" from Gabby.

On August 30th Gabby Sent A Suspicious Text Saying "No Service In Yosemite"

Gabby's mom found the message to be too blunt to have been sent by her daughter.

She also got another text from her daughter, and it didn't help settle her worries. The message said, "Can you help Stan, I just keep getting his voicemails and missed calls."

In the message, Stan was a reference to Gabby's grandpa, and her mother explained that she never used that name when referring to him.

The Greatest Worry Of All Was The 911 Call

The 911 call was made by a witness who reported a "possible domestic violence" incident between Brian and Gabby. The call was made a month before she went missing.

Later, the police released bodycam footage showing their response to the call, which came from a witness in Utah.

The witness said that he had seen Brian hit Gabby before entering a van and driving off.

Gabby Was Very Distressed

The bodycam footage shows that Gabby was quite distressed as she explained to the police officers what had taken place.

She talked about apologizing to Brian for being mean to him.

Brian claimed that Gabby got worked up and that he locked himself in the car. He also claimed that she had hit him with her phone.

The Police Considered The Incident A "Mental/Emotional Health Break"

To the authorities, this was not a domestic violence case. Otherwise, the two had to spend the night apart to avoid charges.

The police helped Brian find a hotel room, and Gabby was left in the van. However, although the police concluded that Gabby had gotten worked up, the caller talked about Brian slapping her.

People Found Brian's Disappearance To Be Quite Convenient

When it turned out that Brian was nowhere to be seen when he was needed to answer important questions about Gabby's whereabouts, people started to consider that he could be a good liar and manipulator.

Weeks after Gabby went missing, a federal arrest warrant was issued by the FBI in relation to fraudulently using a bank card.

The FBI Also Made A Statement

In the statement, Michael Schneider, Special Agent in Charge, said that authorities were seeking Brian Laundrie and that they were also seeking clues as to how Gabby died.

The Special Agent also requested anyone with information about Laundrie to get in touch with the FBI.

The Authorities Were Especially Interested In Fort De Soto Park

The police were interested in Fort De Soto Park because that's where his family said they had taken a camping trip. After that, Gabby became a missing person.

As per official protocol, the authorities tried to get statements from family members. However, the initial statements made by the family members seemed to have changed.

Cassie, Brian's sister, was caught lying about the number of times she had seen her brother Brian after he got back from the trip without Gabby.

However, her lawyer claimed that she was "misinterpreted," which is why there appeared to be some inconsistencies in her story about the number of times she had interacted with her brother after Gabby went missing.

The lawyer also tried to argue that the initial question was poorly posed.

The Search For Brian Was On, And Big People Joined The Search Team

Forensic Pathologist Explains Why Brian Laundrie's Body Skeletonized So Quickly

As the search gathered steam, other people joined in, including Dog the Bounty Hunter. Dog spent weeks helping the FBI find Brian.

Dog Was Pretty Serious About The Search

The bounty hunter was so serious about the search that he even put his health at risk while looking for the elusive fugitive.

For instance, there is a time he had to wade through a swamp in search of clues.

Dog Finally Took A Break After He Was Injured

Dog ended up injuring his ankle, and he had to take a break from the search in order to recover from the injury.

Brian Was Missing For About 2 Months

The longer Brian went missing, the more impatient people were getting. Everyone wanted more information about his whereabouts.

In The End, There Was A Major Development In The Case

Steven Bertolino, Laundrie's family lawyer, revealed that Chris and Roberta Laundrie accompanied the police to Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park to help them look for Brian.

Authorities Found Partial Human Remains

The remains the authorities discovered were in an area that was recently submerged underwater. In addition to the remains, the police found a few of his belongings, and that included his clothes and a notebook.

The Remains Were Found In An Area Previously Submerged Underwater

It did not take long for the remains to be identified.

The Remains Were Discovered To Be Brian's

Forensic Pathologist Explains Why Brian Laundrie's Body Skeletonized So Quickly

The lawyer revealed that the remains the police had found belonged to Brian. The lawyer also said that Brian's parents had been informed that the remains belonged to their son.

The News Was Also Confirmed By The FBI

FBI's Denver officer released a statement that explained that dental records had confirmed that the remains they had found belonged to Brian.

Some People Are Still Skeptical

Some people found the whole situation quite strange, including Dr. Priya Banerjee.

Barnerjee Expressed Her Concerns While Talking To The Media

While talking to Wolf Blitzer, Banerjee said what she thought of the crime scene. She claimed that something about the crime scene was "odd."

She found it unusual that the police allowed Brian's family to access the crime scene. Typically, only investigators are permitted to access the crime scene.

Later, His Autopsy Was Completed

Despite the autopsy, the authorities revealed that they could not confirm Brian's cause of death.

Apparently, The Laundrie Family Is Yet To Make Funeral Arrangements

Forensic Pathologist Explains Why Brian Laundrie's Body Skeletonized So Quickly

The family met on Sunday, October 25, to "grieve." They did not meet to have a funeral or make other arrangements as is traditionally the case.

Meanwhile, There Have Been Suspicions About Brian's Body

Forensic Pathologist Explains Why Brian Laundrie's Body Skeletonized So Quickly

Some people think that the remains were planted at the scene where they were found. There are also widespread concerns about the high rate of decomposition in his body.

His body was found in a skeletal condition.

A Forensic Pathologist Has Tried To Explain This Mystery

According to the expert, human remains can skeletonize a lot faster than most people expect.

The doctor began by explaining that he felt the need to offer an explanation because of the things he had been seeing on the web.

According to Wolf, many things determine how fast a body decomposes. He warned that you cannot just Google "how long does it take for a body to decompose?" and expect to get the correct answer because many factors are involved.

According to Wolf, decomposition takes place faster when temperatures are higher.

Wolf read a page from Medicolegal's Investigation of Death, his book. He pointed out that even though a body can take months to skeletonize, the process can happen a lot faster if there is insect activity.

He pointed out that Brian's remains were in a considerably warmer climate which likely had bugs and animals. These factors could have accelerated the rate of decomposition.

What are your thoughts on this theory?