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Ford Praised For Launching "Men's Only Car" On International Women's Day

Ford Praised For Launching "Men's Only Car" On International Women's Day

Ford Motor Company received praise from women for launching a car exclusively for men on International Women's Day.

Check out the advertisement presented below, which coincidentally features the distinctive voice of the Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston.

The tongue-in-cheek advertisement, which some women have dubbed as "perfection," has been created to acknowledge and celebrate the substantial contributions women have made to the automotive industry.


Hence, the automobile manufacturer has resolved to introduce 'The Ford Explorer Men's Only Edition.'

Allow me to clarify - the video commences with Bryan Cranston, the narrator, elucidating that the 'Ford Explorer Men's Only Edition' is a wholly re-envisioned automobile.

The automobile has been designed deliberately without numerous critical features that were developed by women, such as heaters, windshield wipers, turn signals, brake lights, and GPS.


Towards the conclusion of the commercial, Ford explicitly states that the ad was a tribute to women and that "this vehicle is not really for sale."

The automobile's design is entirely purposeless, and the advertisement has garnered acclaim from women for recognizing their influence on the sector, making it quite apparent.

The marketing strategy has undoubtedly been well-received by the audience, with a few expressing that "my first car is now a Ford."


One woman commented: "I got concerned for a second. Slay Ford!!"

A second added: "At first I thought it was knocking men for not using those features, but I like this twist better."

"Alright, this is perfection, well done Ford," a third also admitted.

"10/10 advertisement," one person added, while another wrote: "Makes me even more proud to be a Ford owner hahaha."

Several others were taken aback by the revelation that Cranston was the voice-over artist for the advertisement.


One social media user commented: "Is everyone ignoring Bryan Cranston doing the voice over?"

"Is this Bryan Cranston narrating as well? EVEN MORE ICONIC WOW," another said.

"To support the campaign throughout the month, Ford will highlight the achievements and contributions of female innovators of the past and present on and across the company's social media accounts," the company states on their website.


"This Women's History Month, we salute the contributions women have made to the automotive industry by literally taking those contributions out. No heat. No brake lights. No GPS. And no way we'd be here today or where we're going tomorrow without them."