For The Man Who Is Brave Enough To Love A Widow

For The Man Who Is Brave Enough To Love A Widow

If a widow accepts to love you, know that she's the strongest woman you'll ever meet. And to love a woman who has gone through the real darkness and the worst pain in life isn't easy.

Only a strong man can withstand a widow because she can be overwhelming if you aren't ready for her. She's the strongest of all women, and she doesn't need fixing. She's not broken.

Perhaps she's even stronger than she was before losing her husband. She feels more and understands the meaning of life.

She also understands herself more. She understands the pain of losing someone close to her heart, never to see him again.

And if she decides to love again, it means she has gone through the worst scenario in life. It means she's ready to open her heart to the vulnerability of love, heartbreak, and potential loss.

So, before you decide to awaken her love, know that the feeling and memories of her loss will still torment her.


A day will come when she'll start feeling lost and broken. She'll even be unable to control her sorrows and sadness.

But her pain won't last for long, and she'll regain her strength.

When such times come, know that it isn't your responsibility to save her. You only need to show her love, compassion, and support.

Don't start blaming her or consider her sorrows personal. She isn't doing this to hurt your feelings, nor does it mean she doesn't love you. Her healing process will take time, and perhaps longer than you expected.

But your patience and support will make her feel safe, cared for and loved, and she'll be able to share her emotions.

Her love is stronger than ever, and she can love you the deepest. She only wants you to draw her into you.


To love a widow, you need to be a real warrior. But not in the sense of fixing her pain or fighting her demons.

She needs someone who can give her space whenever she needs it, and not someone who gets scared and leaves her alone. Although you can't fix her sadness and memories, hold on to her. Once she regains her strength, she'll come back to you, and you'll be glad you waited.

She wants you to see her flaws and love her irrespective of them. She needs you to be willing to see through her soul.

She also wants you to accept and respect her admiration and love for her late husband. She wants you to understand there's still a part of her heart that belongs to him.

But it doesn't mean you aren't relevant to her, or she doesn't love you. Instead, her heart expands even more when you decide to love her. She still has room for you.

If she chooses to love you, it means you're special and unique to her. And since she has endured the worst possible loss, she knows she can make it on her own. She doesn't "need you," she "wants you."

Don't be offended when she mentions his name. Mention it too, and she'll want you even more.


And if she wants to talk about him, be understanding and okay with it. He isn't your competition.

Understand that her grief lives inside her. It flows in her veins and inside her bones.

Also, if she has children, know that she carries their grief together with hers. She feels guilty she couldn't protect them, and she's overwhelmed with responsibilities.

If her kids are young, she wants you to be a father figure to them. And if they're older, she desires you to be their mentor and a friend.

When you chose to love her, it showed you were also ready to open your heart to her children and treat them as your own. Despite their broken heart.

The best thing about loving a widow is that she'll be your greatest love, a soft place to land, your support, and your home. She has the kindest heart that's only obtained through great pain and healing.


If you choose to love a widow, she should be your priority. Don't leave her wondering or unsure. Be open to vulnerabilities.

And in return, she'll give you the affection you've never experienced before. Her love is deep, pure, and connected, just like how you dreamed of it.

She'll admire you every day of her life. She will cherish every kiss, hug, and attention because she knows those moments mean so much in life and every day is precious.

You'll have a free-spirited woman, with a magic soul. All she'll want is to live her life to the fullest because she's aware life is short. Every single moment matters to her.

Her family and friends will admire you for choosing to love her despite the challenges she has gone through.

They'll be watchful and protective of her. But when you prove your commitment and consistency, you'll have a passionate family that will also cherish you.

You'll win a woman who'll offer you a never-ending love more than you imagined and your life will be filled with happiness.