For The Guy Who Comes After Her Heartbreak

You could not resist the captivating glow in her eye and her beautiful smile. For some reason, you can tell deep mysteries are lying beneath these irresistible charms. She is learning to be happy again, and believe it or not, she wants to let you in, but she’s guarded.

It has taken every bit of her strength to have some joy in her life, and she cannot afford to lose that. She holds back and keeps her distance. Yet, you can see that the walls are coming down.

That means you are a lucky guy, and here are a few things you need to know.

Someone promised her the world but instead smashed her heart into bits. Words of love were whispered to her, but the actions were full of hurt. She cannot recall a time someone said something to her and actually meant it.

When she hears of love, her mind is flooded with painful memories. To her, love is confusion, heartbreak, and manipulation.

You should see where she is coming from and the reason she is so afraid of love at the moment.

The feelings of love are there, of course, but she knows the dark and painful path they have set her on in the past. She has been broken and desolate, sobbing and in tears because she gave her love to the wrong guy.

Though capable of love, she feels drained because she gave and didn’t receive it. Don’t take it personally – she doesn’t remember what it’s like to love herself either.

Love, to her, is both a blessing and a curse. And it’s all because she loves too hard.

She might still be healing, which is why she laughs without a spark in her eye. If that is the case, you better leave if you are not serious about her. It has taken every ounce of her strength to get where she is.

Sure, you can see that she is strong. But understand that she is equally fragile. There are deep wounds she bears that you cannot see.

So, understand that loving her will not always be so easy. Know this, the love she will give you will be the best you could ever imagine.

Patience will be necessary here; and with time, she will be in a position to trust again, it’s nothing personal. She will say she is sorry when she didn’t do anything wrong, she might think you are mad when you are not. All the while, she will be struggling with the possibility that you can walk away from her life at any time because that is all she knows.

That is why every kiss she gives you before you leave will be like her last because she thinks that it could be. She loves you like it’s the last day you will have together.

Although she might not call or text much to avoid being a bother, she will be eager to see if you are thinking of her by getting in touch. Not answering your phone will affect her deeply, although she might not admit it.

When she can’t get you on the phone at all, or even on time, she will doubt her self-worth. That does not mean she is crazy, maybe a little jealous. You should understand why considering what she has been through.

She wants to be a priority, and quite frankly, she deserves it. She will not stand to be with someone who doesn’t realize her worth. Words will no longer be enough for her. She has enough empty words, and she needs actions now.

Her fears are real, and they are completely justified because she has been put through hell before. You have to be the man who assures her that she can let go of her worries and love freely. This might make it seem like you are paying for someone else’s mistakes. That is simply not the case.

It’s not that she cannot trust you, she is just protective of her feelings and picky about those she allows to get close. She will be loyal, faithful, and very loving. Yes, she will not give all this to just anybody, so, if she chooses you, it’s real.

If you fight for her, she will fight for you as well. All she wants is to get as much love as she gives. She desires someone who cannot walk out of her life like she means nothing.

To her love is a huge risk, and she understands that she has to give her all to get all the love she wants in her life. If she loves you, her love will be true. Instead of giving up on love, she has raised the stakes.

She will love more, she might not express it in words, but she will show you love in ways you cannot imagine. She does not want to be anyone’s fool anymore. Her love is unlike any other because she knows its power for good and evil.

All you have to do is not be like all the jerks she gave a chance to but then took it for granted.