For Girls In Unhappy Relationships And Unable To Quit

For Girls In Unhappy Relationships And Unable To Quit

I used to be a nice girl. The one who gave guys way too many chances to realize their mistakes and change. A girl who fell for the good-for-nothing guys and got nothing out of it. The girl with a kind heart that had to endure being played, and being dumped at will.

But not anymore!

Nowadays, I say no if I'm not happy. I quit before it's too late and save myself the agony of feeling unloved. I date guys with the knowledge and realization that I deserve to be treated right. In other words, I'm that new girl who demands to be loved the proper way.

But am I getting what I want?

Yes, and I am happier. I'm earning respect in relationships at last. It's not that I became indifferent; It's that I learned to date people who are ready for my love and attention. I learned never to offer my affection to the ones who do not deserve it, and that's how I regained my worth and my self-esteem.

How did I manage it?

I applied these rules. They helped me to free myself from an unhappy life and get what I was yearning for. It's for you girls that find yourselves in relationships where you're degraded all throughout.

• Don't halt your life for him. Your wellbeing is precious. Besides, is he interrupting his life for you? If he can't see that you love him, it's about time you walked away.

• Waiting for him to change? You might as well prepare to wait for the end of the world because he won't. Don't even think you can make him. Just quit before you get hurt emotionally.

• If you're waiting for him to make a decision, you might be in for the shock of your life. Why should you, when you already have yours? Just trust your decision to quit, and leave him to make his when he feels it's right. Don't waste your time waiting for what should have come already.

• Don't change anything about yourself or your life for a person who won't see it or who doesn't love you. From your looks and your character to your dreams. You might regret it later when he dumps you.

• If you find yourself saying sorry all the time and it's only you, there's trouble. You can't be the only one wronging him. He is just not into you. Period.

• If he doesn't reply to your texts, don't lie to yourself that he will ever, or that he cares about you. Focus your love elsewhere, even if it means on your friends and family who will find time to chat with you.

• Never sideline your family and friends because of someone who doesn't love or care about you. You will need them more than you need him.

• If he keeps repeating the same mistakes over and over again, leave. He isn't worth your time. It's better to quit early before he finally becomes too much or even dumps you.

• Love him dearly. But if he seems to be the one controlling your emotions, run. Especially if he isn't acting his part by letting you get ahold of his heart.

• Don't cower from being real with him. Be bold enough to ask him tough questions to satisfy your curiosity. After all, you deserve answers from him.

• If he hasn't been able to love you at the level you expect him to, chances are he will never. Walk away before it's too late.

• Did he just ghost you? That's a sign that you shouldn't linger any longer. That's unless you want to endure a relationship voided of joy.

Realizing your worth in a relationship is one thing and taking action another. Don't just sit and wait for things to get better because, chances are, they won't. You're the only person who can decide to free yourself from the people who don't make you happy.