For All The Girls With Long Distance Best Friends

For All The Girls With Long Distance Best Friends

Long-distance love is extremely hard to deal with. Well, what about long-distance friendships?

This never seemed like a big deal to me until my best friend went to live in a different state that is far away. To say that I was devastated would be an understatement. The changes hit me so hard to the extent that I almost became sick.

The feeling of being separated from your best friend can be compared to a breakup scenario. I remember the last day we spent together. We were clinging to each other with tears flowing freely from our eyes.


The feeling of being lonely will start catching up with you once your friend has arrived and even settled in her new location. You will start feeling that it is only you against the world. Even though you may still have other good friends, the feeling of emptiness will be quite noticeable.

Your weekends will never be the same again. In fact, you won't be yearning for them. This is because you will be spending your weekends alone and lonely, instead of with your BFF as you always have. The situation would be worse if she were the one who always came up with those crazy ideas on how to spend your weekends.

Feeling left out

Life must move on after the separation. Your friend seems to be moving on with her life as if nothing has happened. This is evident from her social media posts. She keeps posting photos of her new friends doing many crazy things. The images reignite the old memories of your friendship and the things that you used to do. The saddest thing is that this time you are not in the equation.

The feeling of being left out will make you sad and bitter. You will start getting worried that she is going to erase you from her mind. The feelings become worse if nothing is going on in your life. You might be stuck in the same place where you were left: no new friends nor exotic places to go. The feelings may be too strong to the extent that you may start comparing yourself to her new friends. Are they better than me? Are they funnier than me?

Connect using technology

There is no doubt that technology is playing a critical role in keeping friends in touch. Despite the distance of separation, you can still have one-on-one interactions with your friend on Skype, Google+, Whatsapp, and other platforms. Even if you manage to speak to your friend daily using these platforms, you will still feel a big void in your life. The long-distance separation has created this gap.

To compensate for this void, you try to have lengthy chat sessions. You will find yourself sending random messages to the friend, hoping that a long conversation will develop from there.

Hope for the best

Despite the low moments that you will be going through after the separation, you should still hope for the best. A day will come when the two of you will meet to rekindle those happy moments.

You should also keep in mind that your friend misses you just as you miss her. She still wants to see you and be there for you.