​Food Truck Owner Who Had Van Torched Now Has New Vehicle

​food truck owner who had van torched now has new vehicle

Sometimes, being part of a community can make all the difference in difficult times. This food truck owner knows it all too well.

After a racist attack, the locals helped him raise funds to buy a new van and get him back in business.

A Vile Racist Attack

​food truck owner who had van torched now has new vehicle

It took almost four years for David OlaLekan Kamson to save enough and buy a food truck. The vehicle cost him £3,000, about $3,800.

However, after moving to Moston, Manchester, his catering van was burned to the ground. This happened after a man drove past him shouting racial insults his way, saying:

"Black immigrants come in Moston to do business like they own it."

​food truck owner who had van torched now has new vehicle

Following the arson attack, Kamson started a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds and buy a new truck.

Community Coming To The Rescue

​food truck owner who had van torched now has new vehicle

It took less than 24 hours for the campaign to reach £40,000. Repulsed by the vile racist attack, the community got together to help Kamson recover from the hit.

Kamson posted a video where he thanked everyone for their generosity, saying:

"Thank you all for donating over £40,000 in less than 24 hours. Wow. God bless you all."

"I am going to promise you one thing... I'm going to promise that the money from the community will serve this community back."

"I will make sure I provide good and better quality service and food to you people, and I will also make sure that people who cannot get much can come to me and I will feed you."

Back In Business

After the campaign reached the sum of £84,836, donations were closed. Kamson could then buy a new truck and is now selling food again.

As he announced the good news on the Instagram page of his business, Moston Suya, people were overjoyed. One commented:

"The good news 2020 has been waiting for."

A second added:

"This is just the best news, good luck to you."

Another user wrote:

"This is amazing! I hope to venture down sometime. All the best! To you and your journey."

A fourth sent good wishes:

"Hope you have an awesome first day back!!!"

Grateful for the support that got him back on his feet, Kamson wrote:

"Peace and love, we spread it all. Let love be your guide, don't let racism take over anything. Just preach love and show love."

This story is a sparkle of hope that keeps us wishing for better days. To get through the bad times, we need to keep having each other's back more than ever.