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Food Delivery Late Or Never Came? Some Drivers Skip Orders For Customers Who Don't Tip

Food delivery services are thriving during the pandemic, so some delivery drivers decided to punish those who don't tip.

One example comes from Kung Food Chu. This business came back to life after they started delivering via an app. However, owner Hana Chu noticed a pattern in the past few weeks.

No Tip, No Trip

Hana Chu stated:

"We noticed a lot of third-party delivery drivers weren't coming to pick up the food."

"Some customers are saying it's over two hours."

She added that delivery apps such as Grubhub, Uber Eats, and DoorDash had saved many restaurants:

Chu added:

"They have picked up our business."

But, Chu has something else to worry about. Many deliveries are delayed because the drivers have an agenda against the bad tippers. And with the shortage of drivers, it's becoming an issue.

One driver Jason Barlow explained:

"The most common excuse I hear among drivers and customers is 'no tip, no trip.'"

Barlow and Kate are delivery drivers for an unidentified company. They agreed that many drivers are more than likely to wait for 30 minutes if they don't see a tip.

Kate stated:

"If I see an order coming through that has no tip on it, I will decline that order.

"It will be offered to the next closest person, and then that person can choose to take it or decline it."

The drivers don't know how much tip they will get, so often they are disappointed either way:

"Sometimes, it's not even worth it, you just work for free."

Jason and Kate suggest that you be generous if you want your order to get faster.

While tipping is optional, if possible, we should give back to those who are helping us during the pandemic. Of course, on the other side, many people can't afford to tip anymore, so we could only hope that the drivers are as understandable as those who can help with tips.