Focus On Yourself And Don't Give A Damn About Things You Can't Control

Focus On Yourself And Don’t Give A Damn About Things You Can’t Control

It can be very difficult to look around the world that we live in and be kind to ourselves. Just because we suddenly have access to the universe at the tips of our fingers through social media, doesn't mean that we can fix everything.

That's way too big a burden! Also, things happen that we just cannot anticipate or control. Acknowledging this doesn't make us a bad person. Just a human being.

Therefore, it's so important to retain enough perspective of the world around us and be well-read and informed. But not at the cost of our mental health or if it causes us stress.

It doesn't make you a good person to bear the weight of the world on your shoulders. Likely that stress doesn't solve global poverty or inequality or end wars. But it will cause you unnecessary suffering.

Here are 10 things that you should stop worrying about. Learn the age-old art of not giving a damn! It's an essential skill to get by in life.

1 – Being perfect all the time

No one is perfect, trust me. That isn't possible. We would be machines if we were. Everyone makes mistakes, and the only reason we can become better people is to learn from them. Look them in the eyes, and grow as a person, focus on improving yourself. Perfect people can't grow and likely aren't very interesting.

2 – What others think of you

Validation should come from nowhere but yourself or the people close to you. If you constantly worry about making your gran happy by marrying the right person with the secure job, take a moment and think. Is that actually what you want? Or are you just living their lives rather than your own?

3 – Your body

Your body is perfect just how it is. Maybe you feel insecure about it every now and then, that's natural. Even supermodels hate their bodies sometimes, Taylor Swift told us that much. Therefore there's no point killing yourself to play a pointless catch-up game starving yourself when you will still feel insecure at the end of the day. Stop giving a damn if everything works fine!

4 – Your hobbies, even if you think they're childish or embarrassing

Just let yourself enjoy things, don't waste energy living an unfulfilled life that is not your own. You will just leave the things you actually like behind and it will make you unhappy and you miss out on meeting new like-minded people.

5 – Your family or background

If people give you a hard time about your parents or if you didn't have the most expensive toys growing up, that's on them, not you. Your parents did all they could for you, and more. Maybe theirs didn't and that's why they feel compelled to compensate for their own lack of affection by bringing it up in others. Just think about how compassionate they made you.

6 – Peer pressure and work pressure

Don't listen to the newest colleague and how much they earn. As long as you're happy, you're fine. Ambition is not going anywhere.

7 – Past regrets that you can't do anything about

As long as you learned from them you don't need to pretend they're not there. Just learn to forgive yourself.

8 – The future of the world that you don't have a say in

Don't waste your heartstrings on things you can't control – focus on yourself.

9 – Toxic gossip around you

Same message – if you stick to the important things, you won't get side-tracked listening to irrelevant comments. You know your worth, don't give a damn.

10 – Validation of social media

Turn it off. Unfollow the supermodels, follow the hiking dog accounts.

You will forget you even ever gave a damn or followed them after a while.

Use the free time to focus on yourself!