Florida Woman Who Instructed Son To Kick Boy In The Balls Arrested For Joining In The Fight

Jamie Rose Gensler, a 35-year-old mother from Florida, was arrested after allegedly encouraging her son to fight a classmate and then joining in on the altercation. According to reports, Gensler instructed her son to hit the victim in the "balls and gut" during the incident on May 7th. She reportedly pushed the victim to the ground and slapped him when he tried to get up.

1. Gensler Is The One Who Reportedly Instigated The Fight

Gensler instigated an altercation between her son and the victim, who is a neighbor but not a schoolmate. According to reports, the victim was heading towards Benha Avenue in Orange City when Gensler accosted him, accusing him of knocking down a basketball hoop the previous night. She then summoned her son to attack the victim physically, while she cheered him on.

2. It's Unclear Why Gensler Felt The Need To Join In

After an altercation between two young individuals, Gensler became physically involved, striking the victim in the head and slapping him as he attempted to get up from the ground. The victim sustained an abrasion above his right eye on his forehead as a result of the attack.

3. The Whole Thing Was Caught On Video

According to the authorities, video footage captured by neighboring witnesses showed that Gensler initiated the altercation and inflicted abuse on the child. When questioned by authorities, Gensler had visible bruises on her knuckles and she claimed that the victim and his companions had been pressuring her son to fight throughout the day and that her son eventually gave in.

4. Gensler Now Faces Some Serious Charges

She has been charged with child abuse and contributing to the delinquency of a minor after being arrested by Volusia County deputies on Friday, May 7th at 11 pm.