Florida Woman Smiles In Mugshot After Murdering Her Own Sister Outside Her Home

Brittany Bishop-Gillison, a 30-year-old Florida woman, was arrested for allegedly murdering her 37-year-old sister, Kapricia Bishop, outside Kapricia's home. According to reports, Brittany shot her sister following an argument, although the cause of the altercation is currently unknown. In her mugshot, Brittany can be seen smiling.

1. Police Were Called To A Home In Merrit Island On Friday

At around 3 pm, the Brevard County Sheriff's Office received reports of a disturbance at a nearby residence. Upon arrival, emergency responders pronounced Bishop deceased at the scene due to a suspected gunshot wound.

2. The Argument Is Believed To Have Begun Inside The Residence

Although details regarding the incident were limited, the deputies wasted no time in investigating the circumstances that drove Bishop-Gillison to allegedly murder her sister without any apparent provocation. "Based on evidence collected and statements gathered during the investigation, agents believe that the shooting occurred during an argument between the sisters that began inside the residence," Cmdr. Tod Goodyear claimed during a press release. "As the argument continued outside, Bishop-Gillison armed herself with a firearm and discharged it, striking the victim and causing her death."

3. The Sisters Seemed To Be On Good Terms Prior To The Deadly Argument

Earlier in the week, Kapricia had shared a Facebook post where she tagged Bishop-Gillison, indicating that they had a harmonious relationship.

4. Bishop-Gillison Was Arrested And Booked Into Brevard County Jail

At first, Bishop-Gillison was arrested for first-degree murder, but the charge was later changed to murder with a firearm when Judge W. David Dugan signed the probable cause affidavit. She is currently being detained on a $750,000 bond and is prohibited from returning to her sister's residence if she is released. Her arraignment is set for April 21.

5. This Isn't Bishop-Gillison's First Arrest

Her criminal record is extensive and primarily consists of non-violent misdemeanors such as petit larceny, battery, resisting arrest, burglary, drug possession, and multiple traffic violations dating back to 2010.