Florida Woman Shoots Husband In Testicles For Trying To Take Her Air Conditioner

A real Ballbuster: This woman shot husband in testicles for trying to take AC.

Kimberly Dunn, from Lake City, Florida, lost her cool when her soon-to-be ex-husband tried to take an air-conditioning she was trying to sell.

So she grabbed a gun and shot him in the testicles.

Police then arrested and booked Kimberly into Columbia county jail without evidence.

Also, Kimberly insisted to police that she hadn't actually meant to shoot her husband. She only scared him a bit, the arrest report said.

But that's not why she's in jail now.

After her ex-husband filed a case against her, the court charged her with aggravated battery charges. However, on the day of her hearing, she failed to show up in court.

Kimberly And Her Husband Were Going Through A Divorce At The Time

But that wasn't the reason for shooting her soon-to-be ex-husband.

Before the incident, the husband discovered that his soon-to-be ex-wife was planning on selling their air conditioning on Facebook.

So, he arrived at her house with his brother to take the AC with him.

But when they unhooked the air conditioner to take it with them, Kimberly wasn't ready to surrender it so easily.

So, she sat on top of the unit, refusing to let them take it.

And when the husband tried to remove her from the top of the unit, Kimberly pulled out a pink stun gun and tried to electrocute him with it.

However, the husband hit her in the head, causing her to fell down on the floor.

At that point, Kimberly dropped the stun gun and another handgun she had.

But she then got up and pulled the handgun on her husband, shooting him in the balls.

Yelling, 'you shot my brother,' the brother then leaped at Kimberly and choked her till she passed out.

Thankfully, The Victim Was Okay

Kimberly only shot one of her husband's testicles. His brother afterward rushed him to a local hospital for treatment.

The husband also collected the assault weapon and brought it to the hospital.

While the reason for the husband taking the gun to the hospital is unclear, maybe he wanted to preserve it as evidence. Or maybe to keep the ex-wife from doing anything else stupid.

Cops Arrested Kimberly The Same Day

While the cops later released her, she failed to show up to face her aggravated battery charge.

As a result, this earned her an additional contempt of court charge, which, according to the records, does not carry a bond. So, police then re-arrested her for the offense.

This is not the first instance of an angry woman targeting a man's private parts in the heat of the moment.

Recently, an Arizona woman shot her boyfriend seven times after she suspected he was having an affair with another woman.

The boyfriend was sleeping at the time.