Florida Woman Pulled Gun In McDonald's Drive-thru During Argument Over Free Cookie

According to the police, a woman from Altamonte Springs was apprehended for brandishing a firearm at a McDonald's drive-thru.

As per a police affidavit, Amari Hendricks, a 24-year-old individual, faces charges of battery, resisting arrest, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

As per the police, on February 16th, law enforcement was summoned to the McDonald's situated on South State Route 434, in response to a complaint of a woman holding a firearm.

Hendricks was apprehended by the officers, who subsequently interviewed the staff.

According to an employee's account to the authorities, the incident commenced when Hendricks, while in the drive-thru, became agitated, purportedly feeling entitled to a complimentary cookie as the rewards program wasn't offered to her. Despite being given the free cookie, Hendricks persisted in arguing, as stated by the workers.

As per the worker's statement to the police, while Hendricks was shouting at the staff, she seized a black firearm, loaded a magazine, and racked the slide.

According to another worker's testimony to the police, he witnessed Hendricks aiming the weapon toward the drive-thru window.

The employees claimed that they were frightened and attempted to secure the doors as it appeared that Hendricks might attempt to enter the premises. Nonetheless, as per the report, Hendricks managed to gain entry and assaulted a male by scratching him on the face and neck.

According to the authorities, Hendricks was eventually apprehended by the police after initially defying the officers' orders.