Florida Woman Arrested For Squeezing Boyfriend's Testicles Until They Bled After A Fight


During a heated argument with your partner, it's typical to feel hurt, upset, and even angry when emotions are heightened. However, resorting to physical violence is never acceptable. Nonetheless, Katie Lee Pitchford, a 21-year-old woman from Florida, was arrested after reportedly squeezing her boyfriend's testicles so forcefully that they bled.

1. It all started over a text

As per the arrest report, Tyler Sweeney, Pitchford's boyfriend, became upset upon discovering that she had sent a text message to an old friend, asking for a date. The situation escalated, resulting in a physical altercation that led to police being called to the couple's residence in Indian Harbor Beach. Upon arrival, the officers found Sweeney with bruises and bleeding.

2. Pitchford insists she never got physical

Although Pitchford denied any physical altercation, Sweeney provided a different account. He alleged that Pitchford attacked him with her fists, causing bruises and scratches to the left side of his face. He further stated that she attempted to strangle him, but he managed to break free and contact the police for help.

3. Oh yeah, there was the whole ball thing too…

Sweeney asserted that his girlfriend had forcefully gripped his testicles, causing them to bleed. This was an excruciating experience. He also refuted any previous altercation, maintaining that Pitchford had attacked him unprovoked while he was asleep in bed.

4. Unsurprisingly, Pitchford was arrested

Pitchford faced charges of battery and violating probation related to other charges. She was apprehended without the option of bail by the Brevard County Sheriff's Office and awaited a court appearance.

5. Apparently, Sweeney still loves Pitchford… he just doesn't want to be with her

Sweeney, in an interview with The Daily Mail, expressed that he still cares for Pitchford despite the excruciating pain she inflicted on him. Although they are no longer together, he hopes to find another woman who can handle his "junk" better. He joked that his testicles had been through a lot.

6. He's afraid the damage might be permanent

Sweeney disclosed in the interview that he still experiences the consequences of Pitchford's assault, indicating that something may be wrong with his testicles. He expressed concerns about his ability to have children and shared that he had an upcoming doctor's appointment to investigate the issue. The incident occurred in June, and hopefully, Sweeney is doing better, and Pitchford has sought the necessary help.