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Florida Passes 'Anti-Riot' Bill That Basically Makes It Legal For Drivers To Run Over Protestors

florida passes ‘anti-riot’ bill that basically makes it legal for drivers to run over protestors

A shocking bill has now been signed into law by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. The new law allows drivers in Florida to run over protesters without suffering any legal consequences.

That's right: drivers don't have to stop if there are protesters blocking their path, and it's now totally legal. Therefore, such drivers will have civil immunity after using their cars to maim or even kill protesters.

Additionally, police will have more power deciding what should be termed as protests, to begin with.

The New Legislation Is Being Called An "Anti-Riot" Bill

The reality is that this bill diminishes the rights of people to hold peaceful protests by taking away the accountability of those who harm protesters. Therefore, people who disagree with what the protesters are up against can now harm them without suffering any consequences.

The law does not stop there as it also increases penalties against anything the police will consider "civil unrest." Police officers will now have more rights when deciding what qualifies as civil unrest and what doesn't.

You can bet that this reality makes many people very nervous about the future of protests in the state.

DeSantis Is Quite Proud Of This Terrible Bill

Although most people can see why this law is a huge disaster, the governor is actually quite proud of the achievement. He said:

"I think it's really remarkable if you look at the breadth of this particular piece of legislation."

He said these words during a press conference before signing the bill. The governor seems to think the new law is pretty unique, and he takes a lot of pride in that:

"It is the strongest anti-rioting, pro-law-enforcement piece of legislation in the country. There's just nothing even close."

Right, as if the police needed more reasons to murder people at a time when they seem to have gone on a rampage.

Many Florida Senate Members Opposed The "Anti-Riot" Bill

Any reasonable person can see that this law is a bit extreme, including many members of the Florida senate. In fact, the bill bared passed in government, where the vote was 23-17.

One of the Republicans opposed the bill.

Based on media reports, the new law says that a "riot" is three or more people "acting with the common intent to assist each other in violent and disorderly conduct."

That includes damage to property, the danger of injury/damage, and injury to another person. However, the law is quite broad, and it includes a lot of other things that would comfortably fall within the definition of a peaceful protest.

Something You Should Know About Civil Immunity

Civil immunity means that those who run over protesters who are blocking their path or getting in their way can get away with such violence without consequences. Therefore, such people will not even face any kind of prosecution.

That's Not All

According to the new law, anyone who is considered to have taken part in a "riot" (a broad term that will include peaceful protests) will not have the right to get bailed out of jail and will instead stay locked up until their first court hearing; however long that takes.

Obviously, that will depend on them not getting maimed or killed by drivers during the protests.

Apparently, the law also saw the need to increase punishments against people who "assault" police officers during "riots." To top it off, Florida governments who think the law is crazy and try to oppose it will face penalties from the state.

Say what you like, but it seems like Florida is now turning into a fascist state. Too bad there aren't a lot of opportunities to protest this bill, at least not in the streets within Florida.