Florida Man Who Claimed Girlfriend Choked To Death On His Penis Is Cleared Of Murder Charges

florida man who claimed girlfriend chocked to death on his penis is cleared of murder charges

A Florida man who was charged with second-degree murder over the death of his girlfriend has been cleared of all charges. He insisted that the woman died while giving him oral sex.

According to Richard Patterson, the woman choked on his penis and then died.

He was accused of strangling Francisca Marquinez in Margate city. Later, he argued that her death was caused by the fact that she had a problem handling his big member.


Following the claims, his defense even requested that the jury see his penis as a way to confirm his claim. Fortunately, before that invasive check was even necessary, it was proved that he was not guilty of his girlfriend's murder and was acquitted of all charges.

1. The Man Admitted To Killing His Girlfriend, Albeit Accidentally

According to Ken Padowitz, Patterson's attorney, the jury had to urgently see the defendant's penis. This was after a medical professional claimed that it was pretty unlikely that anyone could die while performing oral sex.


The lawyer also admitted that although this was not how the woman had died, it was how Richard Patterson thought she had lost her life.

2. Medical Examiners Couldn't Establish How The Woman Died

Because Francesca's body was so decomposed by the time the authorities got involved, they could not determine how she died.

Apparently, Patterson waited for a long time before calling anyone about his girlfriend's death. In fact, he didn't call 911 but instead called his lawyer about 48 hours after Francesca's death.


Therefore, by the time the investigators got to her body at her condo, her arms, neck, and face were too discolored. Therefore, an autopsy would never have revealed the presence of bruises if she had any at the time of her death.

Fortunately, the woman's neck and the cartilage around it did not have any signs of harm.

3. He Was Feeling Guilty For His Girlfriend's Death

It is not clear what caused Francesca's death. However, there was a reason to believe that Patterson was somehow involved.


For one, Holly Graff, his ex-girlfriend, admitted that Patterson had told her that he had done "something terrible." He had also told his ex that he was "really sorry" and even said he had choked Francesca.

Obviously, the fact that he chose to share this story with his ex rather than the police raises many questions about how the woman died and the role Patterson played in her death.

4. The "Not Guilty" Verdict Came Quickly

After only five hours of deliberation, the jury decided that Patterson was not guilty of the murder of his girlfriend. Therefore, he will be a free man after having to defend himself against a second-degree murder charge.


Understandably, Francesca's family feels that the family has been denied the justice they deserve after losing their family member.

Do you think justice was served in this case?