Florida Man Wakes Up To Burglar Who Broke In And Started Sucking His Toes

florida man wakes up to burglar who broke in and started sucking his toes

Imagine a burglar coming into a home not to steal but to suck your toes. Yuck!

An unnamed man in Florida experienced this. He confronted the burglar but, before the Police arrived, the toe-sucking burglar escaped.

On Christmas eve, the 20-year-old victim from Bradenton, Florida was asleep in bed when he felt this weird sensation coming from his toes. It felt like someone was sucking them, and that woke him up. What a way to wake up!

In the police report, one officer said:

"The victim asked the suspect what he was doing and told him that he did not have any money. The suspect told him he was there to suck his toes."

How The Victim Responded

Like anyone would react to such assault in their own home, the victim took action. According to the report,

"The victim proceeded to punch the suspect in the mouth and force him out of the bedroom and outside into the yard. While he was forcing him out, the suspect told the victim that he had a gun and attempted to fondle the victim's genital area. The gun was never seen during the altercation."

For about 30 seconds, before calling the police, the victim kept punching the suspect in the face. You would expect the toe-sucking burglar to give up and run away, but he did not. After he was thrown out, he smashed the glass in the victim's front window with his fists and stomped on his car's windshield till it broke. Only then did he run off.

The suspect is still at large. The Smoking Gun claims that the victim gave them a rough description of the suspect. They said he is a black man between the ages of 20 and 25 who is about 5'11".

In addition to being sexually assaulted in his home, the victim's car suffered damages roughly worth $1,000. The Manatee County Sheriff's office is still searching for the suspect. There have been no arrests so far.

The police collected DNA evidence from the victim's toe but have still not identified or found him.

We hope he gets caught before he breaks in to suck more toes. And who knows what other disgusting things he might do or how far he would go with a powerless victim.