Florida Man Arrested After Hitting Wife With Christmas Tree After She Asked Him To Help Make Dinner

A Florida man was arrested after striking his wife with a Christmas tree. He got angry after she asked him to help with dinner preparation.

Richard Daniel Atchison, 52, was held on Monday at 7 p.m. on felony counts of false imprisonment, violating an order of protection, and domestic assault, according to an arrest document obtained by

According to Fred Jones, the Lakeland County Sheriff's Office's public relations officer, he was being detained at the Lake County Jail on an $8,000 bail but was released from custody on Tuesday.

Atchison "lost his temper" during an argument between the couple inside their Fruitland Park home, which resulted in the unsettling incident.

Unknown to the general public, Atchison's 48-year-old wife claimed to be cooking dinner when her husband shouted at her for asking for assistance.

The affidavit states that she said she unintentionally sprayed him with water after they argued when she tossed a spoon into the sink.

She stated that her partner told her to leave after gathering some belongings and going to his car.

According to the police report, the victim told investigators that Atchison grabbed her shoulders and pushed her away from the entrance, causing her to fall as she attempted to leave through the front door.

Shaken by what had just occurred, the victim entered the living room and sat down with a buddy who was present.

Atchison then snatched up the Christmas tree from the corner of the room and threw it in the direction of the kitchen. The tree had already broken in half at that moment.

The defendant allegedly picked up the shattered tree after that and tossed it at his wife, injuring her.

As the scared woman fled into a bedroom and slammed the door, Atchison followed her and kicked in the door.

The woman also said that Atchison stopped her when she attempted to leave the premises again. The police report states that when they came, he was still yelling at her.

In an argument with his wife, Atchison said to the police, she smashed a fork into the hot stew, pouring it on his right cheek.

I left when he remarked, "I lost my anger." He decided to go back inside after drinking, packing his clothes, telling his wife to go, and going to his truck.

Atchison subsequently testified to authorities that their disagreement had been "verbal only" and that no physical contact had occurred that evening, according to the report.

According to a police spokeswoman, no emergency services were summoned to the house the night of the incident, and no injuries were recorded.

Atchison has been in and out of the Lake County Jail a total of 23 times since 1997 for various violations, including 5 for domestic violence, according to a police spokeswoman who talked to the media.

Fruitland Park, a peaceful and tranquil community, is located northeast of Orlando. It is known as "The Friendly City" by some local experts. It is a blend of Old and New Florida and is surrounded by big oak trees.