Florida Couple Arrested On DUI Charges Have Sex In Patrol Car

The party doesn’t stop until you actually land in jail’: A Florida couple arrested on DUI charges didn’t let that stop them from having sex in the back of a patrol car.

A Nassau County Sheriff’s Office deputy saw Megan Mondanaro and Aaron Seth Thomas riding bikes without lights in Fernandina Beach.

Both riders then cut into the middle of the road, and a car nearly hit them, which led the deputy to conduct a traffic stop.

In the affidavit, the deputy ‘detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from both of them.’

The deputy also noted the pair had bloodshot and watery eyes and were slurring their words. And the deputy arrested them.

It Wasn’t Long Before They Got Naked

As the couple waited in the deputy’s patrol car to go to jail, they took their clothes off and started to have sex. Oh, the bravery and the nerve!

Thomas was fully unclothed, while the woman had pulled her pants down and top up.

florida couple arrested on dui charges have sex in patrol car

The arresting deputy said in the arrest report:

While I was outside my patrol vehicle, Megan and Aaron took their clothes off and started to have sex.

When I opened up the door to stop them, Aaron was naked, and Megan had her pants down where her vaginal area was visible.

I also observed her bra was halfway off, and her breasts were fully visible.

A Struggle Then Ensued

When the deputy opened the car door to stop them, the naked Aaron knocked him to the ground and ran off.

He ran naked through a shopping center’s parking lot before deputies found him behind an ice cream store.

Megan Lynn also grew violent as deputies moved her to a different vehicle. But the officers restrained her, sustaining minor scratches on her face as she resisted.

florida couple arrested on dui charges have sex in patrol car

Both Aaron and Megan took breathalyzers while at the jail. Megan blew a .062 percent and a .066 percent, while Aaron blew a .145 percent and a .146 percent.

The deputies noted:

The time delay from the stop to the breath test was three hours and 21 minutes.

A search of Aaron’s backpack also revealed seven full cans of alcoholic malt beverage Four Loko and one empty can.

The deputies later booked Megan and Aaron into the Nassau County jail on several charges. They include resisting arrest with violence, unnatural and lascivious acts, exposure of sexual organs, and driving under the influence.

A criminal background check revealed Aaron previously served 46 days in jail for assaulting a law enforcement officer. Megan also served 60 days behind bars for a parole violation.