Florida Attorney Accused Of Soaking Papers In Cocaine To Bring To Inmates

Florida Attorney Accused Of Soaking Papers In Cocaine To Bring To Inmates

A 55-year-old lawyer from West Palm Beach, David Allen Casals, was put in custody for smuggling drugs to inmates in county jail. He soaked papers in cocaine and pretended they were legal documents while passing them to inmates.

After he was caught, he was charged with trafficking cocaine. He also faced a second-degree felony charge for delivering cocaine and a third-degree felony charge for introducing contraband to a county facility.


Casals Was Caught In October

On the day the lawyer was caught, he had a manila folder with him containing 37 pieces of paper. He had checked in as a Palm Beach County Jail visitor on October 24.

After a search was done on him to see what he was carrying, the authorities discovered that the papers, which had bible quotes and pictures of an unknown woman, were heavily soaked in cocaine.


He Didn't Think He Would Get Caught

Casals had tried to keep the papers out of sight. They were beneath a cover sheet as a way to make them look like a transcription-translation of an inmate's audio file.

What tipped off the deputy were stains made by a see-through substance that resembled watermarks. For this reason, the papers were tested and discovered to contain cocaine.


In total, the papers contained 136 grams of cocaine, which means they were practically soaked in the drug.

Only 9 of the pages didn't have any cocaine on them.

The Lawyer Exploited Attorney-Client Privilege

The lawyer was taking advantage of the fact that lawyers are allowed to see their clients review their cases and strategize face to face under the protection of attorney-client privilege.


Without a doubt, after this incident, the Palm Beach County jail will have to introduce some changes to its procedures and policies.

Casals turned himself in after it was discovered that the papers had cocaine on them. If he is found guilty of the charges against him and sentenced, he could get a sentence of up to 50 years behind bars.

In all likelihood, the sentence he gets will be much harsher since Casals is a lawyer who abused his position of power.


At the moment, the lawyer is out on bail. He also posted the $58,000 bail on the day he was booked.

He plans on pleading not guilty to the charges he is facing. Right now, he is waiting for his next court appearance.