Flirty Texts: How To Flirt Over Messages - Tips And Tricks

Flirty Texts: How To Flirt Over Messages – Tips And Tricks

Flirty texts are the most popular way of seducing a person in the digital age. So, here's how to do it right, right from the start!

How many times did you felt like you have no idea how to seduce a person you like? How much you wanted to provoke a smile on their face?

Texting has become a generally accepted form of communication, so why not try flirting via text messages?

You've liked someone for months, and you've gotten that person's phone number, but somehow you didn't know how to start to text? That's such a typical story.


One essential rule for flirting with SMS messages is an absolute tension you can create this way.

These messages should tickle a person's mind, amuse them, stimulate the imagination because that person doesn't know what will happen next.

Even the most chill people fall for this, although sometimes they won't admit it.

Flirting is as much an instinct as it is an art and a skill. We flirt intending to attract potential life partners, and we flirt to have a sexual relationship. Additionally, we flirt even when we aren't looking for either of those two.


People tease because flirting is a form of play that gives us feelings of freedom and uncertainty.

In other words, flirting enables us to realize romantic and sexual needs in relationships, making everyday life more fruitful for the whole spectrum of feelings.

Of course, you'll need plenty of courage. There is always the possibility that you will be rejected. So, be confident, and simply be brave!


What should you do when you're texting

Be a sweet one. Most of the people are always busy and don't have time for phone calls with beloved ones.

A short message like "I hope you have a nice day" or "I'm thinking of you" can be a charming and quick reminder that you care about a particular person.


If you are in a long-term relationship, messages are a must. According to some studies, 15 percent of people who are in long-term relationships admitted they send messages more often than phone calls.

Sometimes flirty texts can create a surprising impression of attachment, which is essential when you're not close to your love interest.

Texting before the first date. Approximately 34 percent of people agreed that they felt much more comfortable if they exchanged a message with the person they were supposed to see before the first date.


Make pre-date communication fun and enjoyable. Talk about your favorite music, movies, places you like to visit, and use that as a topic to begin the date.

Reply as soon as possible. Since we use our phones almost all day long, if you don't reply to the message within a short time, your partner might think you're ignoring it or that you aren't interested enough.

If you're busy, at least send a message that you'll answer later. "I'm sorry, I just saw your message" is a polite excuse if you really haven't seen it.


Things that you shouldn't do at all

Don't send harsh messages. It's always better to call a person if you're outraged. Trying to resolve the misunderstanding with 25 characters of expressed anger will turn into even bigger chaos and confusion.

Don't be rude, and don't break up through messages. It may save you time, but breaking up through messages isn't a manner of mature people.


Any kind of misbehavior through texts is unacceptable and takes the risk of your partner breaking up with you and not you with the partner.

Never ask, "Did you receive my message?" unless your partner has lost his or her phone. They have probably seen the message but maybe didn't feel the need to answer you right away. Don't make the situation more uncomfortable than it is.

If your partner doesn't reply to your message, never send a message, "Are you there?"


Don't send tons of messages if a person isn't interested in you at all.

Never continue the conversation if a person has interrupted it.

Avoid using tons of emoticons. It looks immature and not intelligent. Use your words.

Flirting texts 101

Depending on your plans with the person you are communicating with, you can charm them and send it to heaven with your flirting skills, or, simply, let it know that you only want some fun.


This type of communication can be a good start for your future relationship, dating, and conversations.

For those not experienced, the best and most effective way is to follow this rule - don't let a person know you actually like them. Enjoy, be cheeky, be charming, and then step back and wait for your lover's next move.

Begin this way - let your partner know that you remember everything that has to do with them.


This way, you'll boost their ego, and he or she will want to continue the romance with you for sure. Tell your future partner that you remember the things he or she did at the party, at the bar, and how fun, smart, funny it was. Remember, people just love it when you memorize things about them!

You can also do it this way - "I saw your Facebook status and…", is also a good start and an opportunity for further communication.


If a person is interested in you, they'll be glad to have your attention.

Be funny while texting. Always use emoticons. This way, you'll make your communication more engaging. Sometimes, a simple "Hello" and "smiley" are enough, and your conversation will start and continue in a positive vibe. This way, you can put a smile on your partner's face.

Call a person by their name. If you just met a person, you'll make messaging more personal and warmer this way. Every third or fourth message should contain their name, mainly if you write compliments to your partner. That person will enjoy it for sure. The most beautiful word that people hear is – their own name!


Be discreet. Don't make it too obvious what you want. Give your partner a chance to ask you questions. If you get a question like "hey, what are you doing" try with an answer: "I'm trying on some underwear" or "I just took a shower,"... Seduce your partner, but don't let them be aware of it yet.

Short and simple. You don't have to write a "novel" in response to every question, and especially don't lose your time explaining every step in your life to your partner. Be mysterious.


If your love interest didn't understand what you said or asks you to write it again - change the subject or simply ask another question. Try to confuse your future partner from time to time.

A confused mind is not that hard to seduce, right? Make a person think of you even after texting.

Don't make things too obvious. Do it in a way that it doesn't look like you're flirting. If you push things too hard, you'll let your partner know that you're easy to get.


Make your partner think of you uniquely, but don't always be the first to initiate flirty texts. Your partner may believe that the game is in his or her hands. You should be the one that sets the pace.

Always use compliments! Be kind and polite. People simply enjoy the attention from people they like.

Don't be pushy or desperate. And don't bother your love interest with every detail of your life, and by no means don't ask unnecessary questions.


It's not a way to include them in your life; on the contrary, you'll get your partner to run away from you.

Don't be nosy. If your partner doesn't reply to your message immediately, don't bother with other ones quickly.

If a person doesn't react at the moment, maybe they are busy or solely not in the mood for conversation.

Be patient; you'll get a reply. If you know how to manage flirty texts, you'll make a person always come back to you, caught in your trap.


Don't try to take the lead. If you don't have topics for communication at some moment, don't be pushy and don't try to communicate by no means. Instead, apologize and tell your partner you'll text later.

That will make a person think of you until you text back. If you engage in flirting like this, make it interesting for both of you.

Know when it's time to end. It's important to know when to stop your communication. If your partner starts to answer your questions only with Yes or No, it probably means they are no longer interested in continuing the discussion.


Also, if a person doesn't answer your questions or is always the one who ends the conversation, it's a sign that you should stop communicating.

Sexting: Try to avoid sending this kind of message at the beginning of your flirting. Once you take that step, there's no going back. Keep these kinds of flirty texts and photos for when you get to know each other better.


Flirty texts: What kind of texting does your partner's zodiac sign enjoys


Although Aries are great seducers who like to flirt face to face, flirty texts are not strange to them either.

They'll find a poem that describes their feelings or quote a poet, which is enough to knock someone off their feet.



Romantic Taurus loves to play and have fun with flirty texts. Their messages contain not only text but also emoticons, GIFs, and photos that describe their emotions.

They like romantic communication filled with poetic words.


They're masters of verbal seduction, so flirty texts go hand in hand with them.

Their messages are long and full of the most romantic and most profound words that will melt you. And they'll definitely know how to make you laugh.



Cancers love to express their feelings in words, so texting is a kind of hobby for them.

They'll share all of their emotions that way. Their messages are unique, carefully chosen only for you.


Instead of texting, Leos would rather express their feelings face to face. They don't enjoy texting like some other signs.

Alternatively, send one a wise and carefully chosen message that should shortly and gently describe their current emotions.



Why waste precious time when you can do it all face to face? That's the motto of Virgos; they don't like to text about their feelings.

When they make an effort, they'll send only a few short messages. If they aren't interested, they'll pretend they haven't even seen your message.


Curious Libra enjoys composing and sending messages, as well as seducing you through them.


They likewise and romantic quotes from poems and books that can be enigmatic, thus intriguing for their partners.


Intrigue is their passion, which means that flirty texts attract them.

Mysterious Scorpios enjoy playing with words, and most of all, they love to seduce you with messages that have an enigmatic meaning.



The witty Sagittarians like to philosophize, and therefore their messages are exciting.

They fall for sensual texting that can be described as a romantic movie flirting.


The romantic and eager Capricorn adores seduction through text messages. They enjoy reading kind words that are addressed to them.

Also, when they are genuinely interested in someone, they like to write honestly about their feelings and expose their soul to their partner.



Aquarius are artists of modern technology and modern seduction.

They don't like to play with romantic words but with witty and funny messages, especially those almost impossible to answer. They love technology and enjoy sending photos and songs.


Pisces love messages and communication, and that's precisely how they seduce and can be seduced.


They're amazing seducers who know very well what and when to write. Pisces is also weak for the words written only for them.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks will improve your flirting, and you will soon become the master of creating tension by sending the right kind of message!