Five Things To Quit Right Now

Five Things To Quit Right Now

Old habits die hard, but some things aren't just ruining your day. They are running your life! Start with these five crucial things, and once you learn that quitting isn't hard, you'll be able to taste the freedom!

Some behaviors are unacceptable, yet you programed your mind long ago, and you can't imagine your life with those habits. You're well informed, intelligent person, but negative tendencies in your thinking are creating toxic patterns. And that's why you need to quit sooner rather than later.

Fear of change

Change is good, and you know it deep down in your heart. Your rational mind is telling you that you need change, yet you're afraid.


It's nothing more than a fear of the unknown, and that same fear dates back to the Stone Age. So, you can either live with it or do what you would do if you had a fear of heights: face the music.

You don't have to change things radically since the best way to deal with fears is to do things gradually. But start today because extraordinary experiences are waiting for you.


Bet you knew that overthinking will be on the list of things you need to quit! It's draining your energy and playing with your wellbeing. So, let's stop that circle of self-abuse!

To quiet the mind, you need to acknowledge that your thinking is causing you harm. Focus on practicing mindfulness and breathing exercises that will keep you grounded.


Additionally, fill your days with activities you love, spend time in nature, and challenge your thinking ways. Accept that you're an overthinker and then shift focus on calming the mind, not trying to stop thinking. That's, sadly, impossible!

Negative self-talk

Stop calling yourself stupid, lazy, and learn to accept a compliment. Better yet, try to be the one who will give herself kindness and words of encouragement.

Your need for perfection will get you nowhere. You're merely a human, and sometimes you give your best. Other times, you can allow yourself to be average. Invest your time in doing things that make you happy and more in touch with your true nature.


Life is hard, and people are complicated. That's why you need to be your hero and to learn to love yourself. How? Knit, sing, stop overthinking, and start learning just how awesome you truly are!

Being a people pleaser

It's not your job to make everyone happy. And it certainly won't make you feel any better if you're always trying to please others. Do you know why? Because that's impossible!

Put that effort into creating the life you want. You don't need approval from anyone other than yourself. And if you're always doing what's best for others, you're not doing your self-worth or self-esteem any favors.



If you want to make positive changes, you need the right kind of people. And toxic faux friends and lovers have to go.

Some people are using your emotions and devotion and wasting your time while bringing nothing in return. Any relationship is a two-way street. It sounds cold, but these relationships with mixed signals are making you miserable.

Giving up on people isn't easy, but you have to take care of yourself because no one else will. The more you love yourself, the more positive, kind people will enter your life.

It's liberating to break a circle of unhealthy behaviors. You'll be hesitant at first since change scares you. But, take it step by step, and you're on the road to greatness.

When you learn to love and cherish yourself, your perspective will change, and others will notice as well. But, you positively need to be your best friend, to be kind and loving to yourself.