Five Signs You're Having An Argument With A Psychopath!

Five Signs You’re Having An Argument With A Psychopath!

At least 1% of people are psychopaths. They are masters in hiding their true nature, but if you get into an argument with one, you'll know. Not only you won't be able to win a fight, but you'll feel like you're losing your mind!

Psychopaths are difficult to spot since they are often charming social chameleons. They will engage in a variety of manipulative behaviors just to get attention. Outside their colorful surface, they are highly disturbed, even deadly individuals.

While you won't be able to spot them instantly, you should know warning signs once you start arguing with them. Not only that, but you also won't be able to explain to them the issues rationally, the best thing to do is to walk away.

Here's how to know whether you got into trouble with a psychopath:

Psychopaths do not understand emotions

They will push and push, provoke you to create more chaos. There's no such thing as humility in a psychopath. Also, they aren't going to show you compassion or kindness, so your emotional reactions feed their insanity.

The only thing you can do is stay calm and collected. And walk away from an argument, in the same manner, because you can't outsmart them or play their game. While it's true psychopaths can't understand basic human emotions, it's also clear that a regular person can't understand their disturbed minds.

They love to play the victim card

While a psychopath doesn't understand emotions, they know how to use them to gain sympathy.

They'll tell you their version of their past experiences in such details that you'll start questioning your sanity. They enjoy abusing people while acting as they're the abused ones. It's a game of cat and mouse. Let them believe that they won an argument because they won't stop until you're defeated.

Their tone in an argument is patronizing

Psychopaths know how to play cool, but they do so just to mock a person. Their tone in a disagreement is condescending and patronizing, and they can keep that charade until they break you.

The moment you show emotions, they will continue mocking and humiliating you. You can't fight back because you're wired differently. And you should thank your lucky stars for that!

Extreme changes in mood are present

A psychopath can act as a master of compassion, and in a matter of seconds, they will be back on the offensive side.

Mood swings are extreme, but they aren't accidental. You are prey, and they need to be in control. By confusing you, they think they will break you. But, luckily, once you realize that you're not fighting with a reasonable person, you know what to do. Just stop it, without any drama or reaction.

They can't own a mistake

Of course, they will apologize for something they don't have to, but they won't hold a mistake they made on purpose.

Psychopaths continuously make excuses and give reasons for messing up. There is no other way to say it: you're not dealing with a regular Joe, so no wonder you can't grasp their sense of reality. Placing blame is just another game, so don't indulge them.

The only way to save yourself from a psychopath is to disengage. Any further arguments will leave you emotionally and physically drained, and you won't make any progress.

It's a sad and scary truth: some people aren't worth your time or energy. You cannot beat them or save them. So, let them be because, as charming as they may seem, psychopaths are extremely dangerous.