Five Signs To Tell She's Going To Break Up With You

Five Signs To Tell She’s Going To Break Up With You

It's not always rosy in paradise. A once-loving, beautiful and intriguing relationship can suddenly sour over the tiniest of things.

Times change, and so do people, this might be over something so little, or it might be quite dire. Depending on which it is, it might signal the end of a relationship.

We hear the stories all the time on Twitter, Instagram, and over drinks at the bar, but do you really know the exhaustive list of the reasons why she's going to break up with you?

Maybe not, so consider this our gift to you as you go through the five signs to tell you she's going to break up with you.

1. Rather hang out with the girls

During the earlier part of the relationship, she was eager to be in your space.

It was so serious that at some point, you were considering asking for a wee bit of space because you no longer had time for sports, the guys, and 'just you time.' But those days are long gone, and she rather hangs out with the girls instead of your sorry ass.

Sometimes this might be due to a fault of yours or maybe not so, but one thing's crystal clear. If the days or nights out with boo are well and truly over, you might as well start readying yourself for the dreaded four words.

2. Always too busy to talk

In the earlier weeks or months of the relationship, you both had long phone conversations that ranged from one to four hours at a go.

Suddenly that time has been drastically cut. Now you two scarcely go beyond five minutes before she hits you with the 'I'm busy right now' line and that's if she even bothers picking up.

Is she really busy? Does she need a break? Did she catch you flirting with her hot friend the last time you both had a night out?

One thing's for sure, you have to reconsider the moves you're making henceforth.

3. One-word replies

I bet you've been hit with the 'K' during an online foray into a friend's DM? That's probably the worst reply ever, and we can't count how many well-meaning conversations it has ruined.

The 'K' is the worst descendant in a long line of one-word replies that both serve as a turnoff as well as a 'get out of my space' request. Now imagine getting that from your girlfriend and tell me how much it would suck.

One-word replies in relationships aren't just turnoffs, but they are a timely realization of how many days you got left in this facade.

Either you start running after you see this, or you head off to her favorite store and buy some 'I don't know what I did, but I'm sorry' presents.

Why? Because this relationship might have run its course.

4. Cryptic posts on social media

Social media is such a powerful tool in our day-to-day lives. It is the easiest medium of communication, and also the fastest way to know your relationship's days are running out.

Every now and then, we see a cryptic quote inspired by some pop song or philosophical musing.

We darn well know that it's from a partner telling her lover that she's calling it quits. Anytime we see such, we show the guys and have a healthy laugh.

However, every now and then, that laughed at partner is you just as you find a cryptic yet decipherable quote on Instagram or Twitter telling you that it's time to pack your bags and move out.

5. We need to talk

The dreaded four words that no guy wants to hear. You might be in the middle of an all-night reading session with course mates when you see the 'we need to talk' text, you might be playing Madden or NBA 2K with the boys when you see the 'we need to talk' text, you might be at a bro's Bar Mitzvah when you see the 'we need to talk' text.

One thing's certain in this situation; your heart starts racing as you begin to remember the first four signs we just showed you before this.

It's clear that the tide has shifted, and the sun has set in the relationship. Well, you might as well hear what she has to say first.

They say different strokes for different folks and what works for one individual doesn't necessarily have to obtain for the next. However, some things never change, and one of those things that never change is the eventuality of a breakup.

You might as well look out for the signs and prepare your mind to ensure you do not feel hard done by. Respect your partner's feelings, and maybe, just maybe she might stick around. Do the opposite, and well, that's for you to find out.