Five Life Lessons From An Ex From Hell

Five Life Lessons From An Ex From Hell

Thank you for forcing me to take off my rose-tinted glasses and learn what love is.

Most of you know the type: tall, handsome, charming, and superficial. Let's call him Dude. He will never be a reliable partner, but at least I learned valuable lessons.

It took a while to get over Dude. Not because it was the perfect relationship, but in spite of it. It felt like I was defeated; in reality, my bruised ego was trying to make sense out of a senseless situation.


I don't regret a single thing, because here we are today, and I hope that these lessons will save you time and heartache over your Dude.

Love takes two

I want to say I loved Dude, but the truth is that it takes two to feel love.

Love's a beautiful thing, but this was a case of misplaced emotions. Even if I did feel something love-like for Dude, it was never enough. Hence, I don't think it was love because he never loved me.


That's fine; I learned to love myself. That's why I'll never find another Dude.

I'm strong

I'm a freaking rock!

You never know how strong you are, until you're forced to be alone, with your overthinking and all those misplaced emotions.

In the process of learning to love myself, I realized that I am strong enough to handle anything because I am enough. Does it make sense? Because to me, it's the best feeling in the world!


I know what I want

Dude was a perfect strawberry cake, but I hate empty carbs and have an allergy to strawberries.

I was so invested in a relationship from hell that it took me a while to understand that everything I got with you was the opposite of a healthy relationship.

At least, I know the difference between a toxic and a happy relationship. They both start similarly, but a happy one will make you smile. And Dude made me want to throw up my life.


We're all part of the master plan

I'm not a religious person, but there has to be something bigger than me. And that something sent me Dude to teach me lessons.

From self-love to self-respect, I had none of it. Now, I realize you were meant to be. But not as the love of my life. Dude, you were just a stepping stone in my pursuit of happiness.


People can't change

The only way that a person will change is if they want to. Dude tried to be something he wasn't, and that's why he failed after numerous chances.

Fool me once, and I can live with that. But if you want to be in my life, you won't try to fool me for the second time.

For these five lessons, I am grateful. I hope Dude finds whatever it is that will make him a better person. I am doing fine, and so will you, right after your Dude gives you hell. You'll find a way home.