Five Great Movies That Give Us Excellent Essay Subjects

Students write various essay types that are supposed to develop various skills. They all have various purposes. One of them is an essay movie. It's always interesting to depict a movie. Of course, this task may be challenging, but it cannot be called a boring task. We have prepared 5 good movies to write essays on. Read on to find out our suggestions.

The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King

You can find tons of essay movies dedicated to this masterpiece of Peter Jackson. Why is it that popular? To cut it short, the third movie of the famous global phenomenon received 11 out of 11 possible Oscars! Only this fact already keeps your interest lit as a flame before you even watch this masterpiece.

If you need more details, we can provide them as well. Let's concretize the vital themes highlighted in the film:

1. Courage;

2. The problem of making a difficult decision;

3. Friendship;

4. Loyalty;

5. Treason;

6. How to overcome despair;

7. Sacrifice;

8. Loss, and others.

As you can see, there are many things you can choose to disclose in your movie essay. In fact, all three films provoke viewers to rethink a lot of vital topics. Moreover, you definitely need to watch them all to have a complete picture of this perfect film.


It's interesting to watch biopics. There are many movies to write essays on from this genre. This is a real story about one of the most outstanding artists in the 1930-s – Frida Kahlo. An extraordinary and creative personality can impress many people. You will be impressed by how uncommon the woman was. You may get great inspiration to write an essay about her life.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Another great biopic is called "Bohemian Rhapsody". Since it was released, many students claimed that it's their favorite movie essay. The story focuses on true events that happened to the famous band "Queen" and is mainly concentrated on its frontman – the amazing Freddy Mercury. This is a story with a tragic end. Yet, there were many colorful events, and people can learn more about the marvelous life of one of the most phenomenal singers in world history. Thus, you will find great inspiration to write an essay.


Our list would not be complete without the famous creation of Ridley Scott and the amazing performance of Russel Crow. You write an excellent essay after you watch this masterpiece. It focuses on such seems as courage, loyalty, sacrifice, honesty, dignity, and hope. The film shows that even an emperor can be cast down if you find an honest person.

Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

The series of films about the most famous wizard in the world Harry Potter counts 8 parts, and each can be called a great masterpiece. Yet, the 3rd film steps up to our humble opinion. It is about traveling through time and how your deeds can impact it. Besides, it focuses on friendship, loyalty, betrayal, courage, love, and hatred. As always, you have many things to reconsider when you watch any film from this series.

Fast Writing Tips For Students

Once we're through with selecting the best movie to highlight in an essay, we'd like to shed some light on another crucial matter. It's about Essay Writing Assignment and how to do it properly. We have a few tips for you. These are as follows:

1. Identify the main theme of the movie and research it.

2. Create a good outline.

3. Decide what your thesis statement will be.

4. Write at least 2 drafts to check how good your review is.

5. Use citations from the film to underline the theme you highlight.

6. Check it at least twice.

Wrapping Up

We have named only 5 movies, but there are numerous ones. You are free to write essays about them or other ones. Your choice is simply unlimited. Of course, you may ask yourself – How can I write my favorite movie essay? We have offered a few short tips that will surely help. In case you still face some difficulties, you can easily place an online request similar to "do my essay cheap." Your browser will show the most reliable and effective custom writing sites to easily handle this and other academic challenges with excellence.