Fitness Influencer Takes Offense When Someone Dares To Walk In Front Of Her Workout Video

"Started a new gym today only to find out people don't have gym etiquette."

Perhaps she is not well-versed in proper gym etiquette either?

While social media can be toxic, it is also a platform where one cannot easily deceive others with their actions.

When a fitness influencer filmed a 15-minute video and complained about people walking in front of her camera and not following proper gym etiquette, she was put in her place on the internet.

LISSETTE, the fitness influencer, shared a video on social media detailing her experience at a new gym.

One could hear the woman saying that she, "Started a new gym today only to find out people don't have gym etiquette."

Well, the etiquette that she is talking about involves somebody walking in between her, and the camera setup she's been using to film her 15-minute "leg stretch session."

She expressed her displeasure at people choosing to walk near her, despite there being ample space available. This video is one of several controversial posts involving individuals filming at the gym.

The internet was quick to respond to her video.

After posting her video, she did not expect to receive so much backlash that she ended up deleting it at one point.

A Redditor was also prompt in asking in the comments, "Did she ask permission to record everyone in the background?"