Fish-Hooking Is The New Instagram Trend Women Are Using To Get More Likes - Are You Guilty?

If you've noticed a lot of pictures on your Instagram feed with people posing with their fingers bent and close to their mouths, this pose is known as "fish-hooking." This trend has gained popularity among women in an attempt to attract more attention on social media. However, it's unclear what the purpose or motivation behind this trend is.

1. It started with Kylie Jenner

There are rumors that a particular celebrity started the "fish-hooking" trend, and it has since been followed by other celebrities such as Selena Gomez. The cover of Anna Kendrick's autobiography also appears to show her participating in this trend. It's unclear what the purpose or significance of this trend is, or why it has gained popularity among certain celebrities.


2. It's all about looking fierce

The "fish-hooking" pose involves bending your fingers and holding them near your mouth in a serious and sexy manner. The goal is to draw attention to your mouth, and some people also position their fingers near their neck as if they are scratching it. Some individuals even roll their eyes back while doing this pose.

3. Apparently, it can be flirtatious as hell

Some people may find the "fish-hooking" pose in selfies to be attractive and alluring, as if the person is indicating where they would like to be kissed. However, this pose may not be as effective or appropriate for adult women, as it could potentially have negative consequences.


4. Do you really want to be like everyone else?

The "fish-hooking" trend is similar to the "duck-mouth" trend, in which people pout their lips at the camera in an attempt to look sexy. However, this pose can often be perceived as silly or ridiculous, rather than attractive. It's possible that the "fish-hooking" trend could also become unpopular or be perceived as foolish in the same way. It's important to be aware of the potential risks and consequences of participating in social media trends, as they can change quickly and what may be popular at one time may not be well received later on.


5. It really doesn't look natural

Trained models may be able to take a professional and attractive fish-hook selfie, but even their selfies can still appear strange. Fish-hooking is not a natural pose and can appear forced if someone is trying too hard to get it right. It can be similar to fake laughing - it can be cringe-worthy if it doesn't look genuine.

6. It actually leaves more questions than anything else

The fish-hook selfie can sometimes give the impression that the person is extremely confused or struggling to remember something important. In some cases, the finger in the photo may look out of place or awkward, as if the person randomly decided to touch their lips at that moment.


7. It actually stemmed from an insecurity

Kylie Jenner initially started taking fish-hook selfies due to her insecurities about her lips. She told ELLE magazine, "I was so insecure about my lips. Even now I always post photos where my finger is always in front of my mouth…it's a habit. I would always cover my lips. I couldn't even talk to people. Or guys." The fish-hook selfie became a way for her to cover her lips and hide her insecurity.


8. Fish-hooking can make you seem insecure

The fish-hook selfie is often perceived as a confident pose, but some people may question whether it truly demonstrates confidence. Covering part of the face or neck with a finger can give the impression that the person is unsure of themselves or does not want to be in the photo. This type of body language may contradict the supposed confidence that the fish-hook pose is meant to convey.


9. It can fuel people's imaginations in a bad way

In addition to possibly appearing confused, a fish-hook selfie can make some people wonder what is being hidden behind the finger. They might think that there is a blemish or a missing tooth in the area being covered up. This pose can be perceived as similar to a man who constantly takes photos wearing sunglasses, which can give off a shady or untrustworthy impression.


10. Enough with craving likes

It's important to remember that the number of likes or approval from others on a selfie should not affect your self-worth or attractiveness. It is not worth trying a trend like fish-hooking or any other trend for the sole purpose of seeking approval or validation from others, especially if it goes against your personal values or makes you feel uncomfortable.


11. It's not really about creating intrigue

It is suggested by some that the fish-hook pose is meant to be enigmatic and leave something to the imagination. However, others believe that this pose is simply a contrived attempt to seek attention and appears forced and artificial. Ultimately, the authenticity of the pose is what determines whether it effectively creates mystery or appears awkward.


12. People won't take the bait

Fish-hooking, while it may be seen as flirtatious, is really just a desperate attempt to gain attention. It's not very interesting or engaging, and it's not likely to increase your popularity. People are more interested in seeing the real you, rather than trying to emulate someone like Kylie Jenner or anyone else. A sincere and genuine smile in a selfie is much more attractive than trying to fish-hook.