Weird Story

First Cousins Post Kissing Photo In Family Group While Announcing Their Relationship

The first cousins chose to forgo a subtle introduction of their relationship and instead opted to share a picture of themselves kissing on the family Facebook group.


Reality television often showcases peculiar romantic relationships, yet ultimately, the audience observes two individuals who have developed affection toward one another.

However, Michael Lee and Angela Paeng's decision to form a romantic relationship as first cousins came as a surprise to their family and viewers.

As children, they had a close relationship while growing up in Utah, which is attributed to the fact that Angie's father and Michael's mother are siblings.


Reflecting on their childhood reminiscences, Michael shared with Extreme Love viewers a memory from second grade when he and Angela slow-danced in a closet and were caught kissing.

Upon discovering their actions, their parents separated them and kept them apart for a period, similar to the story of Romeo and Juliet.

As they aged and drifted apart, both of them pursued relationships with other individuals and even got married, but eventually ended up getting divorced.


Years later, they met again at a family gathering and immediately felt the same spark between them.

It didn't take them much time to realize that their affection for each other was still intact, and consequently, they made the decision to start a relationship.

Disclosing a romantic relationship with a family member can be complicated, especially when it involves a cousin.


To announce their relationship to their family (not families), Angela and Michael opted for an unconventional approach and shared a suggestive photo of them kissing on their family Facebook page. Yes, that's how they chose to do it.

As expected, none of their family members were supportive of their relationship.

"They were shocked and horrified," Michael recalled.


Despite their family's disapproval, they remained committed to their relationship, and after dating for some time, they tied the knot. However, due to legal restrictions in Utah, they chose to get married in Colorado instead.

In 2019, they were anticipating the arrival of their first child, but unfortunately, the doctor was unable to detect a heartbeat.

Six months later, they announced that they were pregnant again and eventually welcomed their son Eric in 2020.


Regrettably, they are unable to acquire any backing from their family or their social media page, 'Michael and Angie Foundation', and the same goes for the response of people on Twitter after watching their episode of Extreme Love.

"As if being cousins wasn't bad enough. Why do they have to kiss like that?!" one person tweeted.

"I just knew I was going to see some cousin lovin' on this show at some point," complained another.


"The kissing cousins are hard to watch. I feel they play up on their relationship for shock factor," added a third.