Firefighter Forced To Perform CPR On Own Wife After Being Called To Fire At Own Home

This week, a firefighter was unfortunately placed in a heartbreaking situation where he had to administer CPR to his wife when he was summoned to a fire at their own residence.

While on duty, Walter Stewart, a Chicago firefighter, hurriedly made his way to his home on the night of Tuesday, March 7th, upon hearing his own address being broadcasted over the scanner.

Tragically, Summer Day-Stewart, Walter Stewart's wife, succumbed to injuries she sustained during the fire on Thursday, March 9th, at 7:30 pm, shortly after the death of their seven-year-old son Ezra, who passed away a day earlier.

A two-year-old son and a seven-year-old daughter who were also present in the house during the fire, are currently in critical condition and are suffering from severe smoke inhalation.

Since the occurrence of the fire on Tuesday, both of the surviving children have remained unconscious.

Sarah Day, a relative, informed ABC 7 Chicago that the chances of either child recovering are not optimistic.

At around 9:00 pm on Tuesday night, a fire ignited at the 2500 block of North Rutherford Avenue.

Initially, Stewart's truck was not designated to respond to the fire. However, upon recognizing his own address, he rushed to the scene in an SUV.

Larry Langford, a spokesperson for the Chicago Fire Department, verified that Stewart administered CPR to his wife at the scene.

The origin of the fire is believed to be from the kitchen of the household.

Investigators are still working to identify the precise cause of the fire and have not yet disclosed whether the fire was intentional or not.

As per the authorities, the family home was equipped with smoke detectors.

Amber Day, the sister-in-law of Summer Stewart, spoke with ABC 7 Chicago and asked: "How do you come back from that?"

"How do you recover from that? How do you go on knowing that that was your life? That was it?"

Remembering Summer, Sarah Day said: "Everywhere she went, she meant something to everybody. She was just that kind of person. She was so unique."

CBS News reported that neighbours and friends have placed flowers, wreaths, and stuffed animals on the burned porch of the Stewart family's residence.

A charitable organization called Ignite The Spirit, affiliated with the Chicago Fire Department, has started a fundraising campaign to provide support to Stewart and his family. The campaign can be found here.

"Every member of Local 2 and the Department mourns with our brother Walter and the Stewart family," said department president Jim Tracy in a statement."

"This tragedy weighs heavy on our hearts, and we pledge our ongoing support."

"Local 2 is encouraging everyone to make a donation for Walter and the Stewart family through the "Ignite The Spirit Chicago."