Findom Stories: Thrills Without Limits?

findom stories: thrills without limits?

Whatever your kink may be, it's catered to on a ridiculous level online. You could pretty much make up the most bizarre sexual fetish in your head right now and find it's already a thing on the Internet.

Of course, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Just as long as what you're into isn't hurting anyone else or illegal, why the hell would you deny yourself?

But at the same time, it's important to be mindful of it and to what extent sensible limitations should be placed on satisfying your kinks. It's a highly subjective matter and depends very much on your personal circumstances, but there is such a thing as taking things too far with pretty much any kind of sexual fetish.


For obvious reasons, crossing the line from BDSM into serious physical injury is to be avoided.

But what about the growing trend of Findom that's spreading like wildfire? If you get your kicks from allowing yourself to be financially dominated by a mistress online, at what point does a sensible line need to be drawn?


The following account - courtesy of noted Godness IshtarXXX - tells the story of one 'Paypig' who knew exactly where limits needed to be placed on his online activities. Having previously fallen into a less than desirable situation with a particularly ruthless and exploitative dominatrix, Nick was able to find the perfect balance with IshtarXXX.


Of course, his name has been changed to hide his identity, but here's a brief segment of Nick's story to illustrate the whole thing:

Boredom - crushing and crippling boredom. That's how I got into it and I'm pretty sure it's the sign for a lot of people. Findom was never something I set out to get into - I was more about the old-fashioned idea of paying gorgeous women online to put on a show.


I know some people find that disgusting, but they're making a fortune without ever putting themselves in harm's way, so what's the problem?

Anyway, long story short, I ended up getting into a regular thing with a girl I was completely obsessed with. What really got me going was how she barely showed me an inch of skin and yet had me right in the palm of her hand. She gradually started asking for more and more cash, which I happily wired over just for the thrill of what might happen next.


I soon learned that what might happen next was more or less nothing - at least in terms of what was in it for me. But for some reason, this made the whole thing even hornier. I graduated from the occasional £10 here and there to regularly wiring her £200 at a time. And the thrill of basically being told what to do with my money…well, what can I say? It just worked.

Trouble is, I reached a point where I just couldn't keep up with it. I'd next to nothing left in my bank, my job wasn't looking particularly secure and my wife (yes I'm married) wasn't earning much. The initial thrill of potentially falling into debt had subsided, but she continued to blackmail and threaten me pretty aggressively.


Dumb as I am, I'd previously given her way too much information about myself, to an extent where she more or less knew where I lived, where I worked, and so on. She threatened to wreak havoc with my life if I stopped paying here and even send 'visitors' to my address for collection.

Too far - that's not what I signed up for. The fund and games had gone, it turned into a nightmare and I put an end to it.


Did it change my opinion on Findom? Did it f**k, it made me crave it more. The fragility and intimacy of putting yourself in a dangerous situation are exactly what this kind of stuff is all about. I know you won't get that and neither will most people, but the thrill lies in the risk.

It's just that when domination, risk, and danger turn into something more sinister, you have to know where to draw the line.


Anyway, I've surrendered myself to IshtarXXX now and I've never felt more fulfilled. She knows just how to take me to the brink of pure terror without actually taking things too far. She's hot, she's sexy, she's sophisticated and she's intelligent.

She also knows exactly what she wants and how to get it from me - without resorting to anything OTT. I wouldn't expect most people to understand - I still struggle to explain the whole thing to myself!