Finding Focus For Work During This Pandemic

Finding Focus For Work During This Pandemic

Trying to focus when you're at home can seem like an impossible feat. You can learn to overcome distractions and find the focus to work.

Between the kids, work, friends, and everything else, it can be challenging when you need to focus on a particular task, especially during this pandemic.

The reason is – The human brain can only focus on a few things at a time, and with the ton of information you have to process, you can quickly lose track, get distracted and lose focus.


Unfortunately, finding focus isn't something anyone is born with. It's a skill that takes a lot of time to learn.

The good news is – Finding focus for work is a lot easier than it looks.

Here are a few tips that won't only give you laser-like focus, but will help you channel your positive energy into useful work.

Let's dig right in!

1. Create a gadget-free zone for yourself

Your phone and laptops are meant to be time savers, but they can often end up taking up a huge chunk of your time. If you're someone that can't spend an hour without scrolling through your Instagram feed or window shopping those fabulous shoes online, getting time away from your phone and gadgets is a brilliant way to start.


Top tip: I notice the mornings I start my day without instantly checking messages and my timeline, the more time I can stay focused and complete the task I set for myself.

2. Do one thing at a time

If you have too much on your plate, you just need to multitask, right? Unfortunately, multitasking can do more harm than good. Our human brain can only handle little information at a time. You're not a supercomputer; doing too many things can make you lose focus on the essential task at hand. If you're trying to complete a project and decide to add a little cooking, cleaning, or sneak in your favorite Netflix show, you'll eventually get distracted and lose focus.


Instead of trying too many things at once, you can set a timer and do each task separately.

3. Keep little reminders around

Before you start doing any important task, keep little subtle reminders around to remind yourself why you need to do it.

The reminders could be notes about someone you love, your name on a bag you want to buy, or getting that promotion at work.


When you keep little reminders, you'll be able to stay focused and pull through each task without distractions.

Top tip: You can reward yourself for sailing through. You deserve it!

4. Remember to recharge

Now, hold on a second. I know you want to clock in all the 8-hour work you can get, but sometimes, you can lose focus and become counter-productive when you don't spend enough time getting rest in-between your work schedule.


In fact, most successful people take time off to rest. You'll come back to work feeling refreshed and energized.

You can take 15-minute power naps, walk around the block for a few minutes or spend some time with the family.

Taking this predetermined time to rest will recharge your focus, and you'll be able to work for longer hours.

5. Achieve your goals as little milestones

Working on a huge chunk of work can be difficult, especially if you're on a schedule. What's worse? It can leave you feeling overwhelmed and tired.


One way to boost your focus when you're working on large projects is to break down the task into smaller milestones.

It keeps your focus on for longer. I have a friend who goes on long runs. Instead of thinking of the whole run, he focuses on running from the first Starbucks to the apple store. "It makes it easier," he said.

Focusing on small milestones instead of the whole day's work will keep your focus longer.



Focusing on work at home during the pandemic can be tough. Your phone keeps buzzing with news updates, you can hear your neighbor's dog barking at every bird that flies by, and you notice how loud your partner chews his food.

They're just too many distractions.

With these few tips, you're sure to stay focused and be more productive. On Scout's Honor!