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Finders Keepers? Buyer Finds $7.5 Million In Cash In Auctioned Southern California Storage Unit

Man Finds Safe Containing $7,500,000 Inside Storage Unit He Purchased For $500

It's said that one man's trash is another man's treasure, which proved to be true in this case. The story of the man who discovered $7.5 million inside his storage unit has been circulating on the Internet since the news broke.

That story goes something like this…

Some people hit gold in the most unexpected places, like this person, who discovered massive wealth in 2018 to live lavishly inside a storage unit. He found a safe containing around $7.5 million after buying the unit at an auction in California for $500.

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Although he was not permitted to keep the whole sum, his portion was substantial. According to Dan Dotson, the Storage Wars TV host, this man was only allowed to keep $1.2 million.

"An elderly Asian woman at the table next to me kept gazing at me like she wanted to tell me something," Dan Dotson said. "She eventually approached me and said, 'My husband works with a guy who purchased a unit from me for $500 and discovered a safe inside.;."

The woman said her husband had carried the storage unit to a locksmith afterward. After prying it open, they found $7.5 million in cash inside the vault.

Keepers Or Finders? Apparently Not Relating To This Storage Unit

An attorney contacted the woman based on the information provided. He promised the Asian couple $600,000 and handed over the rest of the storage as a representative of the original owners.

They rejected, and the offer was increased to $1.2 million. Even though it was not as large as $7.5 million, it was still significant.

Dotson had detailed the entire story in a video on Twitter.

"The first person they phoned couldn't or didn't unlock the safe. They summoned a second person, and when that person unlocked the safe, they discovered that it was not empty. It had $7.5 million in cash."

As a consummate professional, Dotson did not provide personal information about the safe. Rene Nezhoda, the show's co-star, explained, "If you find money like that, there's usually a reason it's not in the bank." We can't fault them for believing the money originated from a shady source.

While some may be surprised that the Asian couple was not given the whole amount, this is not the only incident of this kind.

Another couple found a safe with $52,000 in jewelry in 2018. They returned it instead of keeping it. The family that discovered it remarked that their reward was positive karma.

So perhaps the Asian couple thought their payment was a storage unit plus $1.2 million in the bank?

What would you have done in this situation? Would you have kept the money? Would you have run to the hills?