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Festive Mom Accidentally Melts Elf On The Shelf In The Oven

Festive Mom Accidentally Melts Elf On The Shelf In The Oven

The average adult is not a fan of Elf on the Shelf. But if you have small children in your life, then you have no option but to make the classic holiday game part of your life.

Brittany Mease didn't like posing the naughty elf in many trouble-making situations, but she had a young son and daughter to please. So, she had to play along like many moms in her position.

However, things went bad pretty fast.

Brittany forgot Elf on the Shelf in the oven. She explained the incident on Facebook.

The household named the elf Elfis, and after he was left in the oven, he suffered serious burns.

How Did Elfis End Up In The Oven?

Initially, the mom told her kids that Elfis had suffered a broken leg and needed a two-week bed rest. She told them that the leg had been broken after the children left Elfis out.

This opportunity gave the mom two weeks of not having to find new ways to pose Elfis.

After the two weeks were over, she quickly put Elfis in the oven with the intention of moving him later once the kids were out of the house. Unfortunately, she forgot about him.

Eventually, her kids decided they wanted to have some leftover pasta for lunch. She had to preheat the oven, but completely forgot that Elfis was in there.

When they found out what was happening, the kids prevented her from touching Elfis to keep him from losing his magic. This made the situation a little more complicated.

The Ingenuous Mom Came Up With A Plan

Brittney remembered she had another Elf on the Shelf in the house, and she decided to find it. She thought he would replace the burned-up elf.

She had to call Santa so that he could take Elfis and bring his replacement. Her daughter was pretty excited with the direction things were taking.

The son, however, was crying over what had happened to Elfis.

Happy Ending

After Elfis went to recover from his horrific burns at the North Pole, another elf came to replace him. In the end, everyone was happy.