Female Teacher "Drove Student To Cemetery 3 Times A Week For Steamy Sex Romps"

A female teacher is facing a potentially lengthy jail sentence after being accused of engaging in a relationship with one of her students.

Cali Heikes, 25, was taken into custody following allegations that she regularly picked up a 17-year-old student from his home three times a week and brought him to a cemetery for sexual encounters, as stated by authorities in Nebraska, United States.

The arrest was confirmed by the office of Wayne County Sheriff Jason Dwinell after a deputy received a call from a Department of Health and Human Services hotline reporting an alleged sexual relationship between a teacher and a student on January 20, as shown in court documents.


According to the same deputy, a traffic stop was conducted on January 12, during which he observed two vehicles departing from the vicinity of the Winside Cemetery.


The male student was reportedly behind the wheel of one of the cars that were stopped by the officer.

According to the report, when questioned about his presence, the student allegedly stated that he had gone to the cemetery with "his friend Cali".

The deputy also reportedly observed another vehicle leaving the area, a black Chevrolet SUV registered to Heikes.

Later, police questioned the student's sister who claimed to them that Heikes would secretly enter the student's house at night for sexual encounters and that she believed they were meeting up two to three times a week outside the home.


The student's sister also allegedly provided a series of text messages supporting her claims.

According to reports, other family members told officers that the alleged victim had approached them.

Investigative authorities have obtained a search warrant and are seeking to confiscate Heikes' mobile phone and other electronics to further the investigation.

In Nebraska, the age of consent is 16, however, sexual relations between a teacher and a student is always considered illegal because of the power dynamic involved and is classified as a Class IIA felony.


If found guilty, Heikes may face a maximum sentence of 20 years.

A day after her arrest, Heikes was released on a $2,000 (£1,612.80) bail bond.

Her picture has been deleted from the Winside Public Schools website staff list.