Female Soldier Takes Her Own Life After Fellow Soldiers Gang-Rape Her, Mother Says

Female Soldier Takes Her Own Life After Fellow Soldiers Gang-rape Her, Mother Says

Life is not fair, at least not for one female soldier in the Army National Guard. You would think her brothers-in-arms would have her back in every way, but instead, they ganged up on her and raped her, pushing her to take her own life.

Even before this monstrous evil happened to her, she had to deal with harassment from a superior.

That was truly a hostile work environment for the poor lady girl.

The worst thing is that sergeant Morgan Robinson had always wanted to be in the military. Her mother Debbie Robinson told this to reporters after the devastating decision she took.


She joined the military at 21, with a burning desire to serve her country.

After six years of service, she was sent to Kuwait. While there, a superior harassed her sexually:

When she was in Kuwait, she was sexually assaulted and continually harassed by one of her superiors.

But upon reporting the incident, "nothing" happened. This was according to her mother.

Later, she went to Afghanistan, and while there, a group of fellow soldiers gang-raped her. This time, she was afraid of reporting the matter to the superiors.


Like before, she did not believe that anything would be done about it:

She was very scared. Because they threatened her, number one. And number two, she knew that it wouldn't go anywhere. Nothing happened in Kuwait with the sexual assault and the harassment, so why would they do something, you know, in Afghanistan?

She couldn't handle the reality of the horror that followed her. Four months later, she made the terrible decision to take her own life.

The Unsatisfying Investigation Report


Later, an investigation started concerning the matter. However, the report they gave her mother Debbie was heavily redacted.

Part of the investigation said this:

Sergeant Robinson suffered sexual, physical, and psychological trauma while deployed. The sequel of this trauma was a factor in her death.

In the report after the investigation, it was said that the superior who harassed the woman in Kuwait was punished. However, there was no clear report saying if the soldiers in Afghanistan were punished for their crimes.


About the investigation report, the mother had this to say:

I just didn't understand how they could actually stand there and look me in the eyes, and hand that to me.

Morgan's mother hopes that the horrors her daughter went through can cast a light on what is happening in the army.

Her desire is to inspire changes in the way the military handles assault investigations. Beyond that, she wants the world to know what she always has been proud of her daughter.

And she was doing it for the love she had for her country. However, a legacy of handling sexual assault cases so casually left her with no other option but to take her own life.