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Female Prisoner Pregnant After Sleeping With Fellow Inmate At Women's Prison

A transgender prisoner serving time at a women's correctional facility in New Jersey has confessed to impregnating two of her fellow inmates. Demetrius Minor, 27, engaged in a physical relationship with Latonia Bellamy and another prisoner while incarcerated, resulting in their pregnancies. The revelation has sparked widespread concern and outrage within the prison system.

1. Bellamy will give birth early this fall

Despite being incarcerated for double murder, the 31-year-old woman found a way to engage in a relationship with Minor at Edna Mahan Correctional Facility. She is currently serving her sentence behind bars. The identity of the other woman involved in the relationship and her crime remain undisclosed.

2. Minor is also serving 30 years for a violent crime

The woman was convicted for the murder of her foster father and carjacking, for which she received a sentence. Although she had not publicly come out as transgender at the time of sentencing, she has since started living as a woman. As a result, she was transferred to Edna Mahan, which is New Jersey's sole women's prison, in the previous year.

3. The prison didn't always house trans prisoners

However, things took a turn in 2021 when an inmate collaborated with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to file a lawsuit against the correctional facility. As a result, there are currently 27 transgender prisoners at the facility.

4. The prison has a pretty lax socialization policy

According to an insider who spoke to the Daily Mail, during recreation time, cell doors are left open, making it possible for inmates to find a secluded spot and engage in sexual activity.

5. Prison authorities aren't surprised this has happened

The president of the union representing New Jersey's correctional officers, William Sullivan, stated that they predicted such incidents when they filed an injunction in 2019 against the transfer of transgender inmates to women's facilities. Sullivan warned of the potential consequences, including pregnancies, due to shared recreational areas and showers, and the difficulty of monitoring all 800 inmates constantly.

6. Bellamy insists that her relationship with Minor was totally consensual

Bellamy clarified in an essay she wrote that although there is a "pervasive culture" of assault in the prison, her relationship with Minor was consensual, and she was not coerced into doing anything she did not want to do.

7. Not only that, but it was based on genuine affection

According to reports, Bellamy described her relationship with Minor as something more profound and meaningful than a casual hookup. She wrote that she formed a natural and authentic connection with Minor that provided her with extensive support, understanding, and love. In her essay, Bellamy expressed that incarcerated individuals yearn for a second chance at life and someone who can comprehend their internal feelings and emotions that are challenging to express.

8. It's unclear who will care for Bellamy and Minor's baby once it's born

Bellamy expressed her desire to spend time with her child, stating that while she accepts accountability for her actions, she feels unfairly faulted because their love was known but forbidden. She questioned what measures would be taken to ensure she could spend sufficient time with her baby before separation.