Female Powerlifter's Deadlift Goes Viral As She Pukes All Over Judges

female powerlifter’s deadlift goes viral as she pukes all over judges

What should have been a glorious moment became a somewhat embarrassing ordeal for powerlifter Blondebeautybri. Well, an embarrassing ordeal to onlookers but not for the powerlifter.

Going by the Instagram username Blondebeautybri, this female powerlifter barfed up while trying to weightlift during a competition. She would not be the first to experience this but what makes it all the more amusing is that she puked all over the judging panel.

The spotters behind her were definitely surprised with one looking like he was going to puke as well.

It was not intentional. She was likely nervous or probably had lunch with no time for proper digestion before getting the weight up. What should have made her hide away from the public's eye was no deterrent for her.

She uploaded the video of the incident herself. She prides herself on the fact that she did not give up despite what happened.

The Puke Princess

The female weightlifter earned herself the title Puke Princess. It was nice seeing her turn what could have been a shameful affair into a fun moment.

There were different reactions to the video clip from viewers. Some made a meme of it but she just laughed them off while reposting them. She was thrilled that the incident gave her her first official meme.

Blondebeautybri encouraged lifters like herself who have either puked, peed, or pooed on the platform to never let such powerlifting trifecta stop them from gracing the platform. It simply is a "hazard" that comes with the sport.

Similar Incidents

The likes of Lionel Messi, Zinedine Zidane, and David Beckham have puked on the field prior to a penalty or free-kick. No matter how experienced a sportsperson is, he or she is still susceptible to pressure and nerve-wracking situations. If only they could all take it the way this female weightlifter did.