Female Inmate Who Smuggled Loaded Gun Into Prison In Her Vagina Handed 10-Year Sentence

Female Inmate Who Smuggled Loaded Gun Into Prison In Her Vagina Handed 10-year Sentence

A female inmate from Missouri smuggled a small gun into her vagina. The guards didn't notice it for 17 days.

The Columbia Police Department performed a pat-down on Amy Wilhite, 39, who was serving a sentence for possession of guns and narcotics.

She managed to conceal the two-and-a-half-inch .22 caliber gun that was loaded with five rounds inside her body when entering the Boone County jail in Columbia, Missouri, on February 14.


The police wrote in a probable cause statement obtained by The Smoking Gun that Wilhite "removed the firearm from her body and concealed it within her personal belongings."

Wilhite admitted to possessing the firearm claiming she was keeping it for another inmate. Yet, fellow inmates were the ones who "all stated Amy was in possession of the firearm."

Amy Wilhite pleaded guilty to the felony drugs and weapons charges she was first arrested for. Additionally, she pleaded guilty to smuggling a gun into the facility. She received the lesser punishment, five years for each crime, that she serves concurrently at the Missouri Department Of Corrections.


Wilhite's case was not the first, but it was by far the most successful. Women in Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Illinois previously tried the same method. However, they were caught before even getting to their cells.