Female Hypergamy And 10 Ways To Use It To Your Advantage

Female Hypergamy And 10 Ways To Use It To Your Advantage

If you have never heard of female hypergamy, it's a scenario where a woman feels obligated to marry the best man she can find. The trait has a biological origin because females want to get impregnated by the best genes they can find.

However you look at it, pregnancy is a huge risk and investment, especially for a woman. She has to ensure she makes the best decision for the most favorable outcome.

That is why it's so much easier for men to have kids with different women.

But through their careful choosing, women have contributed more to our gene pool than men. History shows that nearly all women in history have reproduced at some point, compared to just 50% of men.

But If Women Want The Best Men, Does That Make Them Gold Diggers?

That depends on how you look at it.

It is a natural trait they have. A woman will always feel more inclined to pick a man she "looks up to".

In short, she wants a man who has more to offer than she can. In fact, unless she has something she admires in a man, she will not feel attracted to him.

I know you are probably wondering where a relationship between a struggling musician and a woman with a high-powered career fits into all this. It's pretty simple actually: in this case, although the woman has more money, she "looks up" to the man's artistic abilities.

But what about the relationship between a financially stable woman and a jobless man with no outstanding talents? In that case, the looks might be the secret.

Basically, as long as her hypergamous instincts find satisfaction, the woman will consider the man datable. His social or financial status does not really matter.

Can I Tell You Something About Female Hypergamy And How It Affects Dating And Relationships?

Female hypergamy is fairer than most men think. It's not about putting down "inferior" men who have a lighter paycheck, mediocre talent, or unremarkable looks.

We can all agree that many men are not born with incredible looks, and even less of them get to be well off financially.

But thanks to female hypergamy, such fellas stand a chance in the cutthroat dating game. So, guys should stop seeing female hypergamy as a disadvantage and see it as their best hope of finding a partner who cherishes them.

And here's how to make that happen.

1. Have Passion And Ambition

I'll go ahead and assume you have watched your fair share of romcoms. And for this reason, I am sure you are familiar with the narrative about a girl meeting a guy who can hardly get by, but she hears about the plans he has about his future and ends up giving him a chance.

It's not all Hollywood. There is a lot of truth to this.

Women love a man with passion and ambition. In fact, they will even pass up on a man who is already moneyed if he lacks ambition and chooses a man who shows signs of bettering himself.

But your passion and ambition have to be real because once she realizes it's just for show, she might decide you are not worth it.

2. Female Hypergamy Demands Men Who Project Confidence

Unless you have confidence, a woman will inevitably avoid you, regardless of all other attractive qualities you might have.

Confidence will tramp things like social status, wealth, and even good looks.

Female hypergamy practically demands that a man have to be confident. And I'm sure you have seen men with seemingly terrible dating odds snatch up fine ladies based on nothing but their unshakeable confidence.

But understand something, confidence is not synonymous with arrogance.

Arrogance shows you desperately need the approval of others. But confidence demonstrates you know yourself and see your value to the world.

Confidence is honest. But arrogance is showy and shallow, more like a front for deep insecurities.

3. Having Kindness And Empathy Makes Female Hypergamy Work In Your Favor

Many men think a masculine and macho attitude makes the ladies attracted to them. But look at how many arrogant assholes there are who can't find a woman to be by their side.

Women treasure kindness, and they will look closely at how you treat others. If you are someone who can spare your thoughts and consideration for another human being, you can be very valuable to a woman.

4. Work On Your Finances

At the end of the day, a woman picks a man to marry based on their ability to provide for her and her offspring. At least in most cases.

Although women date men who are less financially accomplished, and this is happening more regularly than ever, most women still expect the man to be the provider.

Obviously, having clear ambitions can make a woman realize you might be the right man for her, but you can also prove it by working to improve your finances. That means investing more and spending your money more wisely.

Some women will really treasure such qualities because they want a man who can use resources optimally.

5. Demonstrate Leadership, And Female Hypergamy Will Be Your Friend

You have without a doubt seen how women like to be around leaders and men with power. They can't help it, women are drawn to leadership.

But there is something else you need to know: women don't like leadership for its own sake.

What they like are the qualities that come with leadership, and you don't have to be recognized as a leader by everyone you meet to have these attributes.

Leaders protect, take personal initiative, and they aren't afraid to go after what they want.

So, as long as you are chasing your dreams, can spare time for the welfare of others, and come up with plans to get yourself out of problems, you are everything a woman expects in a leader.

Chase after your dreams, and if you do it passionately and with courage, lots of women will want to join you and make them a reality.

But make sure you follow through on your plans. Otherwise, the trust will be gone and you will become just another unambitious guy who does not understand what he wants in life.

6. Have A Sense Of Humor

Learning to make a woman laugh is one of the best things you can do as you enter the dating world. And unlike what most people think, this has nothing to do with dropping witty jokes and telling hilarious stories.

That counts, but it's not the only requirement.

Women want a man they can have fun around, a man they can laugh with. So, it does not even mean you have to be the one telling the jokes.

Maybe you have quirks she finds funny, or maybe you find her sense of humor funny and therefore she really enjoys being around you.

The thing is that when a woman thinks you have a good sense of humor, she will get comfortable around you. That matters a lot in male-female attraction.

7. Female Hypergamy Works In Your Favor When You Can Listen

When you can't listen to what a woman is saying to you, she will feel disrespected. She wants to know that her opinions matter.

And something most men don't know is that being a good listener makes you less boring, regardless of how hilarious you consider yourself to be.

So, she might think you are a very respectful and funny guy simply because you take the time to listen to her. And trust me, most men are not listeners, which means having this trait will really set you apart.

8. Work On Your Social Standing

Women will often pay attention to how the world thinks of you before deciding to be with you.

If a woman realizes you have a good reputation or standing in the community, chances are that she will feel more confident being by your side.

Having a bad reputation, especially regarding values she considered critical, can have the completely opposite effect.

No woman willingly puts herself in a position where she suffers social disapproval. That is why some men will have trouble finding spouses despite having looks and money.

9. Learn To Dress Properly

Dressing is something you can change in a day, and yet it can change your fortunes in the dating game for good.

Men don't get just how important proper dressing is to a woman.

In particular, you should dress for success. Ladies like a man who looks like a success, and that, fortunately, can be achieved through the right choice of clothing.

When you dress properly, it also shows you don't need as much work as you can already take good care of yourself. In short, you have your life together.

10. Take Care Of Yourself

Any woman, or any person for that matter, will think twice before entrusting their wellbeing to a man who does not know how to take care of himself. This means a guy who works out and works on improving himself will be more attractive to women.

The ability to take care of yourself is evidence that you can also take care of another person. Instinctively, women can see that such a man can take care of her and her children.

Word is that there are plenty of female hypergamy deniers out there. But what many people cannot understand is that this concept does not just favor men in positions of power and influence, but even men who lack good looks and financial might.

Every woman wants to marry the best man she can find. And thanks to female hypergamy, which varies from one woman to another.